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Wayfinding: Definition and Where It Came From

I define wayfinding as the art and science of moving people through an environment to a desired location using a number of visual cues including, but not limited to, guide signage, place identification, streetscaping, visual landmarks and various forms of environmental graphic design. “Environmental Graphic Design” is not something monitored by the EPA or Green Peace. EGD is the design and application of visual communications in the build world. It utilizes the combined disciplines of graphic design, architecture, story telling, industrial design and landscape architecture.

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for Mobile

While email is still one of the most widely used forms of digital communication, the way people are reading and receiving their email is steadily changing. More and more people are now accessing their email from a mobile device – whether it is a smart phone or a tablet.

Nowadays, Technological Advances Are Progressing Every Minute

This is happening because technology is becoming our way of life.It has innumerable benefits to mankind. And one of these benefits is the information explosion. Because of this, clients tend to use the World Wide Web to give answer to their health questions. They also tend to find the best doctor that would cater to their need. How can you be that doctor they need to have an appointment with?The key to that question is medical website marketing.

Business Ignorance Exposed: Questions About Customer Retention

Many business owners put a lot of effort into getting new customers. This article reveals three reasons you need to do something with your customers after you have them if you want to get the best results possible for your business.

Newsletter Marketing: 3 All Too Common Content Mistakes (Don’t Get Caught Out)

Newsletter are a great way to provide content that will enrich the lives of your customers. However many business make these all too common mistakes with their newsletter content strategy. How many are you making?

What Are You Thinking? Questions From Business Owners About Their Newsletter

There is a lot of debate about should a customer newsletter be online or offline. This article presents 5 reasons why you’ll get a better response rate and possibly return on investment using a printed newsletter.

Mobile Small Business Territorial Mapping Marketing

One thing I loved about being in a franchising business is that I felt as if I was selling real estate, even when we were offering a mobile franchise business model. I felt as if I was selling real estate I didn’t own, as we cut out territories and allowed those franchise buyers permission to use our business model in those assigned areas. For this we charged them a $20,000 franchise fee, although much of that was for training. Was it worth it? I believe it was because we offered a superior business strategy from anyone else in our industry. Okay so let’s talk about this in the future of mobile tech and small business mapping marketing.

The Journeyman And The Guru

There are two traditional ways of growing a professional coaching, consulting or advisory business. Both of them are fundamentally flawed. But what’s the alternative?

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: 6 Tips to Include Photos on Your Facebook Business Page

People are visual and can remember and identify with pictures more than they can with just words. When you use a photo, graphic or video on your Facebook business page, you attract a lot more prospects.

Facebook Timeline: Organizing Your Profile

Social media is evolving to become one of the most popular means of interaction at multiple levels. Facebook debuted a few years ago and many observers had pointed towards an impending social media revolution, but no one predicted the speed at which this revolution would become a global phenomenon. Today, Facebook has become an integral part of our lives.

Using Facebook As A Marketing Tools For Small Business

Facebook has become the go-to tool for small business marketing. It’s great for business because it increases the mileage of each post you make without much effort on your part. Instead of you marketing individually to each client – Facebook friend – you create one message that they all see. As long as the message is useful, it will take on a life of its own.

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