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Client Communication – The Minimal Marketing Calendar

Prevent lost clients by setting up a client communication schedule. Answers to how often should you communicate and what should you communicate.

The 5 Most Likely Trade Show Marketing Forecasts for 2014

Seeing that we’ve started a completely new year, now could be an excellent chance to focus on, and invest time to develop a strategy for your 2014 trade show marketing. What’s this year likely to deliver and exactly how well can you expect to do, tend to be major concerns many wish they could have solved at the beginning of the year, rather then right at the end, when chances may very well have passed them by. Going through many of the business marketing forecasts for 2014, listed here are five serious options that could dramatically influence your trade show marketing results:

Fundamentals of a Replicated Site

The term replicated site is not new to any MLM marketer. Replicated websites occupy an important place in MLM marketing and are considered an integral part of MLM marketing.

How to Schedule More “Get-Acquainted Calls” to Get Clients

If you are just getting started building your business, you may find some tasks feel easy and simple and others drum up a bit of discomfort. This is totally natural. The key is to move ahead anyway as you expand your comfort zone. Practicing the uncomfortable parts of growing your business helps you to conquer and then excel at them.

Top 5 Things We No Longer Need Due To Smart Phones

Smart phones have completely revolutionized the way we live, communicate and do business. Smart Phones have replaced a whole bunch of things we used to carry around with us.

Boosting Your Real Estate Business With Facebook

A good way of marketing a particular property across multiple channels e.g. Facebook, email and listings, is to use different lead pictures. Each of your Facebook post and ad can show a different view for the same property. Hence, a person who was not attracted to one element of the property might be attracted to another.

Health Clubs and Finding the Ideal Business Partner

The best types of businesses to work with? In selecting the ideal community partners, we often wonder who is worth the time and effort. Will these folks really be a valuable resource.

How to Write an Email Newsletter: Top 10 Tips for Writing a Newsletter People Open and Read

I’m often asked how to write an email newsletter. What’s the secret? they ask.

Promotional Products Can Boost Your Customers’ Awareness of Your Business

They have been referred to as premiums, give aways and chotchkies. Those names are not at all in synch with the comparatively low cost-high, impact marketing tool that promotional products, also called advertising specialties, have become. Ed Yeaker, president of PromoSupportOnline…

Change of Scenery

Networking is a critical part of sales and marketing. I’m going to assume that you are actively involved in some sort of networking activity. With so many options to choose from it can get confusing.

Telling The Story Is The Best Marketing Technique

A story will engage an audience faster than any other advertising or marketing technique. The history of movies proves that success comes from rapid engagement. A good story will always sell. Here is an example of how Hollywood producer Irving G Thalberg did that back in the 1930’s.

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