3 Ways To Increase Social Media Sales in 2022

The Vita-Copia Group’s Take On Advertising vs Marketing

When your dollars are limited in a difficult economy, you have to be wise with your advertising resources. The best way to maximize your advertising budget is to target your message to those who are most in need of your products and services. This article gives you a practical tool for narrowing your focus so your can maximize your resources.

The 5 W’s to Getting Out of Your Own Way!

I often refer to marketing and sales as ‘the dating game’ for entrepreneurs. For those of you who are actively in the dating scene, you’ll understand what I mean by that. The rest of you – well, I’m sure you can remember what dating was all about as you keep reading.

5 Inexpensive Marketing Tactics That Work With Smaller Budgets

If a business or individual is not doing much marketing for their brand, they are missing out on the opportunity to scale the business. Most entrepreneurs realize the importance of marketing strategies and campaigns, but often find marketing services and costs associated with them not to be in the budget. There are more inexpensive marketing tactics that work with smaller budgets and a minimum investment by the business. When done right, marketing campaigns can quickly attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and position the business for successful growth.

Pizza Marketing Tactics That Cripple Your Competitors

In this article I’m going to share with you a pizza marketing tactic that will greatly increase the response to your current advertising and create loyalty in your customer base. It will also put you in the forefront of your customers minds when their ready to order pizza.

What Sequestration Means To Product Managers

Sequestration is a big word that most of us are not familiar with. However, as product managers we should know it very well. What it refers to is when one of your customers decides to make across-the-board budget cuts. Sure they might be a great customer now, but when each one of their budgets gets slashed, what’s going to happen to your product sales then?

How to Manage the Room at Your Live Events and Signature Talks

Recently, one of my students asked me a really good question about how to deal with “know-it-alls” who attend your live events. When you get a heckler in the audience or someone who dominates with too many questions, it can be very disconcerting. This and other situations can arise that require you to step up and really manage the room.

Ten Reasons to Develop a Mobile App for Your Business

Top of mind. Mobile apps are effective marketing tools because of their interactive nature, usefulness and the likelihood that they’ll be seen on a daily basis. Few products match the frequency of exposure mobile apps provide, given that most people check their phones/mobile devices dozens of times a day, 365 days a year.

The Importance of the Internet for Business Strategy Development

Digital Marketing for businesses is a perfect solution for growth, visibility, and improved rapport with the customers [from both a Business to Business and Business to Consumer perspective]. This is a great way for a business to get itself out there [outbound marketing], to get information [market research], and to have a larger following, and all with relative ease.

Difference Between Inbound Marketing And Outbound Marketing

Today’s consumer is much more informed and knowledgeable about the products and the brands that he/she would like to opt for. Therefore, as a brand, one has to be seen in the right places at the right time in order to be registered in an optimistic way in the minds of the consumers.

Baby Come Back! 3 Steps to Bringing Back Former Clients

Someone who has done business with you is more likely to buy from you again. If you aren’t keeping in touch with former clients, you are missing a huge opportunity. Being proactive with former clients increases the odds that they will do business with you again. Reactivation is a quicker way to make more cash than wooing brand new clients.

The Power of Brand Identity – Who Are You?

What makes your company what it is and what characteristics make it unique? Is it creativity, expertise or adventure? There is an array of possibilities.

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