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Build Your Channel Plan

If you’re interested in building your Channel Plan, you’ve got to discover the right steps to follow. Actually, Channel marketing is very helpful when thinking of assisting your channel partner in generating interest and creating awareness for your products or services.

Instantly Discover Cheap Ways to Advertise a Restaurant Effectively

There are many cheap ways to advertise a restaurant. Remember that advertising does not need to be very expensive for it to be effective. There are cheap ways to advertise a restaurant that can be used by an individual to increase the revenue of his/her restaurant. Before we proceed to the list of cheap and effective ways of advertising a restaurant, let us first see how important advertising is.

Holistic Marketing: Using Creative, Social, and Directional Marketing for the Best Results

How are you approaching your business marketing to capture the attention of ALL your potential prospects? The key is to take a holistic approach. When you utilize creative, social, and directional marketing – even if just a little of each – you allow yourself to create the best result with your marketing efforts.

How to Generate Marketing Leads

If you build it, they will come, right? Wrong. You need to effectively market to your audience in order to build brand recognition and generate leads. If you work with a lead generation company, you can increase your revenue a lot quicker than if you were to generate leads on your own.

We Are in a Technology-Driven Business Transformation Mode

Two decades ago information technology (IT) was progressing at a predictable pace. Fifteen years ago, IT was the “enabler” and it shifted in its influence and use to a new role of providing new vistas and opportunities for extensive business process re-engineering (BPR) to take advantage of every-increasingly powerful PCs/servers/networks, software and other technology that came spilling out in the 1990’s.

Paint By Numbers Guide to Creating Your Best Content

Create your best attention getting, SEO friendly content easily and quickly with this “paint by numbers” content creation method. Social Marketing and SEO both demand high quantities of high level content, a challenge for small businesses. This article will help you put out great content, quickly and easily!

Twitter Marketing 101

Twitter marketing is a simple yet incredibly effective way to keep in touch with your customers, find new ones and build up a following for your brand. While there are plenty of long lists online covering what to do/not to do on Twitter, they are often loaded with opposing recommendations. You can learn the basics and get started today by following my 4 Twitter marketing tips for beginners.

How To Make Mad Money From Mobile Marketing

Currently mobile marketing is huge and by the end of 2013 it will be the biggest traffic source for marketing on the planet. This year it will finally overtake the personal computer in most gross revenue purchases made via the World Wide Web. Pros to going Mobile.

Understanding the Myth About Attraction and the Key to Becoming a Valuable Leader

People have a natural attraction to others who have leader type qualities and if you desire to make a successful journey as a networker, you need to show the qualities to add value to yourself. Along with that you need to duplicate that same perspective with the people in your organization so that it keeps the momentum going in your business.

Prospecting Your Way to Success

Prospecting potential business clients is an important part of the start-up process. You want to seek out clients likely to need the type of service your business provides, so that you can use this time to create a strong business network.

Integrate Your Social Media and Website Analytics

Businesses and entities of all sorts: for profit, nonprofit, business to business, business to client, retail, professional services, individually owned small enterprises and more utilize the power of social media. But they may be missing a crucial value if not capturing and utilizing the information captured by web analytic tools. By integrating a web analytic tool with its social media sites, a company is able to see and understand key performance indicators (KPIs) and how they effect and drive business derived from social media sites.

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