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Services to Look for in an SEO Company

If you are the owner of a website, and you’re thinking about hiring an SEO company, it’s important to choose the best one for your site’s needs. There are various aspects of a search engine optimization firm to take into consideration before hiring one – the foremost being their service offerings. You can usually tell by first glance whether an SEO company’s services are right for you based on the type of website you own.

Attracting New Business With Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked in are great marketing tools but it is SO easy to waste time on non-productive social media activities; to get sucked into the vortex that is Facebook or Twitter and look up an hour later, wondering what you’ve actually accomplished! To attract ideal customers (and therefore more good business) from social media, it’s important to remember that that the same rules apply for social media as they do for traditional marketing: giving value, building relationships! Marketing is about ATTRACTING clients with a compelling message and creating such added…

4 Clever Tips to Tune Up Your Marketing System

Recently after speaking, a brand new entrepreneur approached me explaining how frustrated she was at the lack of results despite her efforts in cold calling. I see this frustration all the time especially with people who are making the switch from employee to entrepreneur.

The Importance of Search Engine Updates

Every time that Google makes a change to their search engine algorithms, the search engine will discuss what improvements are being made and what new tactic they are using to combat spam. For example, targeting over optimized websites aim to target those websites that have abused the system and have rapidly changed their website infrastructure too quickly and too often.

5 Reasons to Write an E-book to Market Your Business

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you may never have thought about writing an e-book to market your business. In recent years, with the growth of the internet and e-readers such as Kindle and the Nook, writing and publishing an e-book has become a popular marketing strategy.

Four Ways to Spice Up a Special Offer and Turn Prospects Into Clients Fast

Are you ready to shake things up in your marketing?From time to time, you may want to run a special promotion to create strong interest in a particular program and get a bunch of new clients quickly. Let me share four specific things you can do to spice up any promotion so that prospects get excited and take action right away.

How to Have a Great Newsletter Distribution List

If you’re not getting your newsletters in front of the right readers, your newsletter marketing program won’t be successful. Whether you use print or eNewsletters, you absolutely need a great list.

Google Penguin Update Said to Be More Significant Than Panda

About a year ago, Google implemented its Panda Update, which was its first attempt at rewarding higher-quality pages with higher rankings and dropping non-useful content to the depths of the lesser-visited SERPs. The initial roll-out of Panda weeded out a good portion of spam-like pages, and they continue to release further Panda updates, each one having a smaller and smaller impact. They continue to implement small Panda updates, but since most of the pages it has targeted have already taken a hit, the changes to search results now as a result are hardly noticeable.

Using A B2B Mailing List – How To Approach Individual Professionals

Don’t be fooled when you think mailing to a list of individual professionals will not require the same level of respect as business owner or a decision maker in a larger business organization. They still have business needs, a well-guarded budget, and a need for a certain amount of respect. A mailing list like that shouldn’t be treated any more differently from any other list of B2B contacts.

Inform Your Software Telemarketing Of What’s Happening In The Industry

Staying in tune with the latest trends is a lot smarter than what some skeptics believe. For software telemarketing, it’s a basic must-do necessary for any marketing strategy. How can they connect with your prospects if they aren’t in the loop?

Find Prospects in Any Market and Force Them to Stuff Cash in Your Wallet! (Apply This Today)

In this article I will share places to snoop on your prospects; this will help to know what they want so you can better connect them with a solution. If you know what other sites your prospects visit and what they are interested in it will help tailor the ad to laser target your prospect. If you’re wondering how or where to find these kinds of information, just visit a site called – quant cast dot com.

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