5 Important Video Marketing Metrics to Track

Prolonged Relationship With Social Media

Over the past 5 years marketers have seen an explosion in the use of the internet and smartphones by the potential customers and audiences they are trying to reach with their message and advertising. The use of these devices by consumers has lead to the genesis of what savvy marketers are calling MoSoLoCo or Mobile, Social, Local, Commerce, which is the combined force of all of these different elements in the way modern consumers perceive a company’s presence and make decisions about whether or not they require their products or services.

What’s in Your Trade Show Tool Kit?

Have you been at a trade show and suddenly needed an aspirin, or band aid or even scissors and there were none? Being on the trade show floor we have heard many stories, sometimes the stories are stressful and other times a little funny. Needless to say we all have been there, so here are a few things that you should be sure to have in your Trade Show Toolkit.

Promotional Caps And Conference Bags – The Cool Way to Draw Attention

If your clients are a part of a particular market sector then it will be fantastic free advertising for your product or brand. If you have IT professionals as your clients then you can choose to have laptop bags as your promotional bag.

Using Demand Side Strategies to Drive Better Engagement

Those who provide health and well-being improvement services are always looking at new and different ways to increase participation. Too often though, they focus on program innovation or refinement, rather than on ways to better pitch their offer to the intended audience.

Employee Performance: The New Well-Being Metric

Employee health management programs have traditionally been put in place to reduce healthcare costs. For years, that was the sole desired outcome for most employers.

The Imprinted Promotional Items and Its Use

The promotional items are among the most effective sources to keep your brand name across your customers and potential clients as and when they use them. The promotional imprinted items are products where you print your company’s name and logo along with a proper message. These include custom T-shirts, custom pens, custom mugs, custom tote bags, and many other Trade show giveaways.

How to Write a Winning Company Profile

In this ultra-competitive world of Information and Technology, where there are more than hundred other companies manufacturing the same products that you are, marketing them to the same vendors as you do, how can you make your company stand out in that crowd and win over the rest? It is agreed that you don’t compromise in quality of your deliverables, but it is essential for your clients to know your level of commitment, abilities of your staff, any rewards that you company has received in recognition to your services and so on. Getting an outstanding profile written for your company will take the company’s vision to another level completely. The first impression of your company will always leave a mark in the minds of clients and as the head of the company; you should never take any chances by compromising with it.

Illuminate Your Life This Christmas!

The Christmas Lighting industry has grown exponentially in the past decade with statistics showing an amazing 1000% increase in growth. This lesser known business sector is actually a potential gold mine if you have the business acumen of making it big.

Can You Hear Me Now? Ye Olde Smartphone Class

In the days of yore, a simple class system separated the masses. There were the…

The Master of “Content”

Creating, marketing and distributing any kind of content, is now easier than ever before. This has been developed by the advent of the social networking boom and blogging software that facilitates fast efficient multi-media publishing. Content in our days is not a “content”, if it is not shared!

Business to Business (B2B) Holiday Marketing

The holiday season is quickly approaching. It is time to start planning your travels, dinner parties, gift shopping and prepping the house for company. Most of us start holiday planning early in our personal life, but many of us neglect putting together a holiday marketing plan for our businesses. Learn how a holiday marketing plan can be beneficial to both Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) businesses.

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