7 Steps to Set Up a Digital Marketing Program

How To Choose The Right Cloud Service

Sometimes, it may look too easy for you to get cloud services. What is important here is that you choose the right one. How will you do that? Read on to learn more.

Engagement Marketing Will Boost Your Sales

Traditional marketing approaches are about targeting and educating your market about your products and services with the ultimate aim of making a sale. Engagement marketing is a much more interactive approach. It encourages your clients and potential customers to communicate directly with you to share their thoughts, comments, reviews and recommendations.

How To Use An Online Booking System

Using an online booking system is a great way to attract new customers to your business. This article shows just how easy it is to accept bookings from your existing website.

Uncover the Mystery of Niche Marketing

Many internet marketers get caught up in defining and wrapping their hands around this thing called niche marketing. Discover the difference between niche marketing and your target audience.

Is Facebook Failing Small Businesses?

Social media promises so much, the numbers online are staggering and everyone’s involvement is on the rise, but why is the average small business finding it so hard to realise the potential of social channels, like Facebook? Being the beginning of a new financial year, it’s timely to question whether the continued changes being made by Facebook (presumably due to the IPO); will be to the detriment of smaller businesses trying to use Facebook in a cost effective way to promote their business?

Keep Calm and Keep Marketing! Part 1 – Focus on Sales

Recently I responded to a request to help small businesses that were feeling despondent because of falling sales and general feelings of frustration with marketing a small business in difficult, trading times.  I too experience these feelings, they come up for me when business is slow, and I follow my own advice which centers around my own philosophy that: A clear vision, backed by an empowering marketing plan, gives a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.

The Manner In Which Professional Printing Companies Can Potentially Aid Small Companies

Some sizeable corporations have got their very own in-house print-making divisions. They can enjoy this particular luxury because the publications work generated by the organization in its entirety is sufficient to make a case for the cost of employing personnel and having the necessary print-making machines on hand all the time. However, not many organizations can function like this which is where commercial printing companies come into play.

Don’t Make The B2B Prospect Think Too Much If You Want Pre-Qualified Sales Leads!

It’s always good to help a prospect understand the complexities of a B2B product or service. However, simplicity still wins in the end because there are other things they’d like to occupy themselves with. Fine-tune your lead qualification process by making sure it doesn’t turn a well-informed customer into an excessively-informed one.

Using Demographics by Zip Code for Marketing

The value of demographics in any business cannot be stressed enough. Companies engaged in insurance and real estate, for instance, use neighborhood demographics to dig deeper into zip code areas and magnify specific neighborhoods. But are you truly aware of how demographic data is used in your marketing campaigns and efforts for maximum benefits?

Go Beyond Online Event Registration to Boost Your Event ROI

Many companies today are implementing online event registration solutions to manage the sign up process. However, using such an online registration solution is only a part of the huge tasks involved from planning to successfully executing all aspects of organizing an event. There are so many other things that an event planner needs to carefully supervise such as selecting a venue, handling payments, as it keeps on flowing in and promoting the events on various offline and online web platforms.

B2B Telemarketing – Some Things To Consider When Targeting By Country or Region

The significance of geographical location still remains unchanged despite how the internet is making the world smaller. Not even the internet can magically put your business on every part of the planet, for instance. Still, it’s also common sense to be aware of how changes in your target region will affect any future marketing decisions.

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