7 Tips to Optimize Your Product Pages for SEO

Why Email Is Still a Viable Marketing Tool

With all the talk of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social media, it’s easy to start feeling like perhaps older protocols like email are on the way out in terms of marketing power. While it’s certainly true that methods of online communication have changed and evolved dramatically over the past few years, it’s important to remember that email has some benefits that other marketing methods don’t have, and as such shouldn’t be ignored as an essential component of your online marketing strategy.

How to Charge More and Still Attract Clients

Many of my clients express a fear about charging more and the ability to still attract clients. They worry people will not want to pay more, especially if they know what others have paid. Also, for business owners who provide estimates, many wonder if they should lower the price when the prospect doesn’t immediately accept the bid.

What Made The Rollerblade? Learn The Secrets To Their Success

In 1980, two brothers from Minnesota found an old inline skate in a sporting goods store and thought that the design would be ideal as a training tool during the hockey off-season, especially since both types of skating conditions share similar muscles. Well, after refining the skate in their parents’ basement, the two hockey-playing brothers founded Rollerblade, the first inline skate manufacturer company.

Custom Wristbands With Messages – The Latest Trend In Promotional Marketing

One of the most effective ways of getting your message spread across the masses in an impressive manner is through socially acceptable and stylish wristbands. Today, there are many charitable organizations, companies, groups, and individuals leveraging the power of customized bracelets to promote their message in an appreciative manner and generate a response.

All About Out of Home Pharma Marketing

In today’s competitive atmosphere, pharmaceutical marketers make use of innovative means to reach target consumers. Leaving behind the traditional means of advertising, pharmaceutical advertisers are leveraging new segments of outdoor media by targeting places such as the train stations, airport terminals, bus stops and hoarding across the highways to draw the attention of prospective consumers.

Business Marketing Companies: Is Short the Next Big Thing?

Short videos seem to be the latest trend being used by business marketing companies to promote their brand offering. However, are they the right way to go in the B2B segment?

3 Event Management Consultation Traps To Avoid

Here are 3 traps to avoid during an event management consultation: Giving free estimates, have a budget and committing your “team” to do it all. Tips on what to avoid so you don’t fall into the trap.

The 4 Distinct Stages Of The Product Life Cycle

No product stays on the market forever. Read this article to help you understand the life cycle of a product.

Bottle Neckers – Marketing Takes a New Route!

Bottle Neckers printing is a trending and an extremely innovative way of advertising a new business. In the earlier times, these bottle neckers were once used as an internal advertising tool till it gained popularity. They are really fashionable to look at and have attracted the people on so many different levels.

A Company Sells a Premium Line of Product, Should It Start a Lower Cost Line?

The company’s current organizational strategy is the production of customized, high quality products at a premium. As can be seen by the increased demand, customers are responsive to this strategy. It would be a poor assumption to think that the same customers who are currently buying the customized products would also purchase a less expensive line. Therefore, the company needs to establish who its new customer base will be that would purchase the lower price line products so the company can market to that customer base. Where should the company look to be able to produce a lower cost line and who will this new customer base be?

Event Planning Jobs That Are Easier to Find With These 5 Business Building Tips

Event Planning jobs are out there if get your event planning marketing started. Here are 5 event planning business-building tips you can use right away.

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