9 Strategies to Use In Social Media Marketing in 2022

How Do Cell Phone Product Managers Get Us To Upgrade?

Hey look, the new iPhone x has just come out. Or maybe it’s the new Samsung Galaxy y. Yea! Umm, I sure do like that shiny new thing, but I think that I’ll wait awhile or maybe I’ll skip this generation and go for the next one. Oh wait, my current phone all of sudden sure seems slow. I guess that I’ll go ahead and buy the latest phone because it will probably be faster than this slow one that I’m all of sudden using. Is it possible that cell phone product managers are manipulating us in order to get us to upgrade our phones?

Refresh Your Affiliate Program With 5 Tips

Affiliate programs can always be retooled. Here are 5 tips to do it easily.

4 Critical Steps to a Successful Event!

Hosting (and attending) LIVE events are one of the best ways to grow your business. Yet, many of you continue to hide behind your computers, tucked away in your offices, ‘hoping and wishing’ for business to come your way.

Does It Make Sense to Outsource Custom Lead Generation?

If you are questioning whether or not to outsource your custom lead generation, it only takes a moment to assess the internal importance, strengths, and weaknesses. A constant and reliable flow of quality customer leads is important for any business. The problem is when the company has grown to a point where the staff time is stretched thin between getting new leads and developing them.

Are You Writing to Be a Leader?

A virtual assistant schedule can be frantic. Finding time to spend with family and to recharge is important in between working at the office, traveling to conferences and meeting with potential clients. Not much time is left for writing, though, but you must do it nonetheless. For the best return on the time you invest, try to write deliberately – think about what and how of your writing. Don’t just write to teach others or to boost your business, write to become an improved leader. The rest – authority, clients, business – will come naturally.

Using Psychology to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

If you have been in business for any length of time at this point, you must understand that some businesses have marketing campaigns that are more effective than others. It is probably safe to assume that your marketing campaign includes some element (hopefully a strong element) of social media as well.

3 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Be Careful About in 2015

As the year 2015 progresses, the message is loud and clear. Digital marketing is here to stay and is consistently becoming an important consideration of marketing budget for most companies. Companies now are spending equal amounts for TV and on digital. So what now?

Opening A Business Without Marketing Skills Can Be Dangerous To Your Bank Account!

Before you start any business, you need to study up on marketing. Why? Marketing will play into every aspect of your business. Increase the power of your ads and you will increase your bank account.

Competition in Your Market?

No matter what business you’re in there will be competition, your goal is to take a part of the market over. Learning how to market can give you an edge over your competitors.

Marketing Materials and Cherry Tomatoes

What do cherry tomatoes have to do with marketing materials? The author’s experience in a high school job taught him valuable insight that he uses with his clients, and he shares it here.

Everything You Do Is Marketing So You Better Get It Right From The Start

Marketing is essential for any business. If you don’t study up on your marketing skill you could be in for a big loss of money.

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