9+ Tips to Sell More Products on Your Ecommerce Site

Five Trends to Note in Healthcare Marketing

Gone are the days of healthcare advertising consisting of free samples, branded note pads, a print ad or celebrity spokes person. These elements are still at play, but like its consumers, healthcare providers of all types are becoming savvy, technology reliant and multi-lingual.

Build a Customer List

Building and maintaining an internal list of customers is a critical part of any night club, yet what I find is that most bars just let people come and go without any effort from staff to ask for their business cards or other information. This is like throwing money in the trash. Why bother reading the rest of this book and learn about strategies to get people to come to your bar if they are only going to come once?

Marketing With the Two Quality Test

One of the most common mistakes people have when starting a business–online or offline–is that they decide that their products or services are for everybody. Who are you selling to?

The Art of Consumer Engagement

When futurist Alvin Toffler talked about the upcoming “experiential industry” in his 1971 book Future Shock, he pointed out that people would be willing to collect experiences as consciously and passionately as they once collected things. Indeed, as highlighted in Forester’s annual report, companies with better customer experience tend to have more loyal customers. When consumers like the experience you deliver, they are more likely to consider your brand for another purchase and recommend you to others.

Holiday Business Gifts: Gift Planning As an Extension of Your Marketing Plan

This is the time of year businesses recognize their clients, employees and strategic alliances – those people who helped to make their business successful. Consider your gift project an important part of your marketing plan. Besides recognizing the people who mean so much to your business success, you want to be able to create goodwill, reinforce your image (brand) and be remembered throughout the year. These are the goals of any good marketing plan and can also be applied specifically your gift program. Last year I wrote about how to set up your gift list. This year let’s talk about the ubiquitous gift cards. They are everywhere, even in the checkout line of the supermarket. Talk about convenience. A few people have told me they are buying gift cards this year. It made me wonder about how gift cards are perceived when they’re given as well as when they’re received. How does the gift card meet your marketing goals? This article addresses the pros of gift cards, the cons, and some criteria of what makes a business gift special.

Getting Your New Business Off The Ground: Part Three – Simple Ways to Grow Your Brand Inexpensively

When you start a new business, there seems to be an endless supply of things you need to have printed. In the last of our series on Getting Your New Business Off The Ground, we’ll take a look at ways to use various marketing pieces that will get you the most bang for your marketing and printing buck.

LinkedIn – The Best Professional Marketing Platform

Today, LinkedIn is the place that is preferred by the most industry professionals. It is the best medium to grow professionally and competitively. It has highly improved usability features and is constantly encouraging its users to spend more time actively in its activities.

Getting Your New Business Off The Ground: Part Two – Streamlining Your Marketing Materials

When starting out in a new business venture, the thoughts of marketing can be daunting. You needs are lofty, but your budget is anything but. Don’t panic. This article will help you learn to spend your marketing dollars wisely when launching your new business and get the most bang for your buck.

Want to Get the Sale? What’s the Next Step?

We all want to take the shortest path to the sale. But sometimes you can try to cut too many steps out of the marketing path. In almost every case, there are critical steps that all need to be taken before we can get the order. My advice? Don’t skip!

How To Build a Targeted Content Marketing Campaign

Content is a great marketing tool. It makes your brand appear to be the thought leader in an industry or in a geography. For example, if people are searching for a day cruise out of the East End, then a consistent blog will better advertise your services.

5 Tips on How to Attract More Customers to Your Bar

Article covers 5 different strategies night club, bar and restaurant operators can use to attract more people into their businesses. This will be of interest for a person that owns a business in this industry and wants to learn more about making money.

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