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How to Write Great Flyers

Flyers are a cost effective marketing tool for getting your message across to the public, but why do some seem to work really well while others go straight to the waste paper bin. Here are some really basic marketing and design tips to make sure your flyers have the best chance of success.

PowerPoint Marketing Ideas – 5 Ways to Turn a Presentation “Frog” Into a Marketing “Prince”

PowerPoints are the frogs of marketing content. They’re plentiful and useful – but let’s face it, they’re not very loveable. What if there was a way to turn all those PowerPoint frogs into content princes?

Sweepstakes Law: How Much Is a Lifetime Supply?

An old game show whose name escapes me used to offer losing contestants a consolation prize of a year’s supply of Turtle Wax.  Other contests and sweepstakes also offer a lifetime or year’s supply of one thing or another, and this begs the question: what exactly constitutes a “lifetime’s supply” of anything?

Top 5 Benefits of Creating a Conference Registration Website

Do you play a key role in hosting conferences and seminars for the organization that you work for? These conferences are usually hosted on a large scale and are attended by more than a 100 people on any normal day. As a part of the administrative body, it is your responsibility to see to it that these events are managed with utmost precision keeping the reputation of organization intact along with its brand value. With regards to the registration processes, it is tiresome indeed for you and for the potential registrants. You look into all the back-office operations to ensure that registration starts on time while people wait in lines to finally get their hands on a hardcopy form. To avoid doing the same strenuous work again, convince your senior managers to create an online conference registration website this year!

Six Tips To Remember In IT Lead Generation

IT lead generation can be a pain, but once you know what to do and what not to do, it will be an easier task. Now, what should you keep in mind when you are in the middle of the campaign?

Five Inside Sales Tips For Beginners

“Generate sales leads in the business market”. First-time sellers are basically intimidated by the thought of it. But this is something that you can easily handle. Just read follow these tips.

Get Employees and Customers In the Spirit for the Big Game

Promotional giveaways are part of doing business, however, you do not want to go broke on products you are giving away. For ideas on great giveaways that will not break your budget, click here…

How to Use Online Conference Registration Solutions for Hosting Productive Conferences?

For organizations, associations and companies conducting conferences or meetings, the use of online conference registration solution can be a great helping hand. It simplifies the managerial activities thus reducing your workload and saving considerable amount of time. It also assures you increased productivity in terms of minimized cost and maximized attendee participation. Mentioning the advantages of the online solution will help you in understanding why it is preferably opted by most conference organizers as compared to the manual registration procedure. Let us have a look at the top most benefits of employing the solution.

Why a Bad Mobile Experience Could Be Costing Your Brand Customers

Mobile technology has exploded and it has drastically altered the way consumers interact with brands. Through mobile websites, QR codes and specially designed apps the goal posts have been shifted towards a marketing and brand building future that is more interactive than ever before.

How A Lead Generation System Can Boost Struggling Businesses Performance

Because of the tight competition in the market industry nowadays, many entrepreneurs are struggling to establish their businesses. This is not for the reason of poor products or services but because of lack of know-how on reaching their market and obtains better business opportunities.

Where to Find Real Diamonds in Your Marketing

Marketing, as Peter Drucker observed, was one of the two functions that alone made money for a business – all else was a cost. Thus it is PDI – Pretty Damned Important! It’s a shame, therefore, that it only does – usually – half the job. True, that half it may do spectacularly well, but polished fake diamonds with all the branding collateral imaginable are still… only fake. One of the most important things a business needs to do to sustain profits and ensure longevity is to create a compelling narrative about itself. The ‘story’ – or narrative – is the diamond (or diamonds) that the organisation owns and which reflects on its own being. Stories can clearly convey the value proposition more effectively than any other mechanism; they differentiate your product or service from the competition; they can justify premium pricing; and finally stories heal organisations (and individuals) where damage has been done. But generally speaking what marketing companies and internal marketing functions do is polish, present and beautifully brand a ‘false’ diamond. A fake diamond sounds like this: ‘committed to excellence’ or ‘quality first’!

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