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How to Map Out a Marketing Plan

One of the things that I tell my clients on a regular basis is, “If you want a full practice in six months or if you want to have clients in six months you need to be marketing today.” Sometimes it actually takes more than six months to turn a cold lead into a warm prospect, then into a prospect who’s hot and ready to buy. That process doesn’t always happen overnight.

Why You MUST Offer Premium Level Services In Your Coaching Or Consulting Business

Here’s something to ponder – in any business, you’ll have approximately 20% of your clients who are looking for something ‘more’ and are actively seeking out a higher-priced offering or a premium level service…But the truth is, very few entrepreneurs recognize this fact and do anything about it! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been coaching, consulting, practicing or selling anything, the 80/20 rule applies to you:

Think Your Business Can’t Afford Trade Show Exhibits? The Answer May Just Surprise You

Trade show displays can prove a surprisingly affordable promotional resource for companies in every industry. Read on to find out more.

Why Niching Is Paramount To Your Success

I had a very interesting conversation the other day with a coach who is highly specialized and only works with female entrepreneurs earning 6 figures or more. Here’s what I discovered about her: she gets whatever price she asks of her clients.

The Secret of Being Booked Months Ahead – Part 2!

Last time I gave you some strategies to employ that would definitely land you clients… and in this article, I’d like to share some more with you. Being booked months in advanced isn’t difficult – it just requires you to be organized, consistent and methodical in your approach.

The Secret Of Being Booked Months Ahead

I’m one of those ‘lucky’ individuals who’s always booked months in advance and always turning clients down. I say ‘lucky’ because I actually work very hard at ensuring that I’m booked up. So what is the secret of a full diary?

Content Marketing: What It Is, What It Isn’t

When it comes to something called Content Marketing, there’s been a growing amount of “noise” generated over the past few years. Those two words in and of themselves come across as rather vague, probably because their meaning has yet to be completely defined. One thing that is certain, however, is that Content Marketing, while an umbrella term, has become an indispensible subset of traditional marketing practices.

How Branding Can Help You Get More Clients

Most solopreneurs think of branding as something exclusive to larger corporations and SME’s. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Branding is the perfect way to unify your marketing and attract your ideal client.

Inside The Mind of Your Customer

You probably already have a clear idea of who your audience is and what kind people they are. Looking deeper into their demographics, geography, interest, etc., will give you a better insight into them. Dividing your audience into smaller groups based on common characteristics, known as segmentation, also gives you a more detailed and precise look at exactly who your customers are.

Small Business Marketing Tips From A Tiny Tube Of Mascara

Do you ever make an unusual purchase? Watch your spontaneous purchases for clues to human responses to marketing and you’ll get inspiration for your own small business. I found some big marketing inspiration from the purchase of a trial-sized tube of mascara. What led me to buy a higher-priced brand than usual? A few key ingredients made the sale.

Consider Size And Impact When Designing Your Display For A Trade Show

Businesses need to consider size and impact of their trade show exhibit to ensure their company leaves a lasting impression. Read on to find out more.

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