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The Social Media Marketing Power of Google+

Social media marketing is a vastly underrated aspect of SEO and digital marketing. As it stands today, brands and businesses absolutely need a social media presence to be a competitive force in their industries. Social media marketing is, you could say, just another necessary evil of good marketing.

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Promotional Products for Marketing

If you are able to promote your business effectively, then that’s a good sign. After all, effective promotion is one key ingredient of a successful business. Accordingly, you can opt to make use of promotional products in order to reach your market – and to earn more profits. To know more about this topic, please read on…

Value Creation Model

Customers determine the value of a product or service. In today’s competitive environment, value creation is a corporate advantage. People have different ways to assess value.

Memorable Marketing Messages

Effective brands provide a lasting impression. However, loyal is fleeting for most buyers in the absence of a strong brand. Yet, I have purchased the company’s competitors in some cases, even with these good memories.

Message Strategies in Marketing

Companies bombard customers with millions of marketing messages. Therefore, the right marketing message is critical for today’s businesses.

Marketing for Professionals

Examines marketing concepts for today’s professionals in society. Effective organizations understand the critical needs for effective marketing.

Cultural Influences in Marketing

Cultural influences impact consumer behavior. Cultural influences happen at an early stage of one’s life. As children, we are taught to make connections with rituals and consumption.

Entrepreneurs – When Is It Time to Hire a PR Coach?

Need to market more and just don’t know how? It’s time to hire a PR coach. A coach can help you write your press releases, create and implement a marketing plan, and so much more.

Reference Groups in Marketing

Consumers are often influenced by others. Marketers mention those folks as reference groups. Yet, purchasing experiences differ for most people because no two people have the same personal experiences and backgrounds.

The Problem With Online Marketers

Why are there so many internet marketers failing, while it seems only a few are succeeding? There are many small reasons why, but the main reason stems from a lack of good training. In today’s online world, it seems there is an epidemic of the blind leading the blind.

4 Strategies to Keep From Losing Out to Chains

I recently read an article discussing how bakery chains were steadily putting small local bakers out of business. It explained how large chains can offer comparable products at lower prices and promote with large marketing budgets.

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