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Mobile Marketing’s Golden Rule to Increase Your Car Count – Auto Repair Shop Marketing

Mobile marketing or text message marketing is the fastest growing strategy to help auto shop owners to increase car counts, get more new customers and keep the ones they have. If you checked the stats and the response rates from mobile coupons, you would understand why.

Why Does Mobile Marketing Work to Increase Your Car Count in Your Auto Repair Business?

Mobile marketing, also known as text message marketing has proven to deliver results. Unlike any other form of advertising or marketing, texting your customers puts your message right in the palm of their hands. Better yet, stats show that those receiving mobile coupons (also referred to as m-coupons) are hyper-active and respond to offers.

How to Increase Car Counts for Your Auto Repair Shop – Use Mobile or Text Message Marketing

Mobile Marketing is really SMS Messaging or Text Message Marketing. Instead of doing typical advertising in news papers and magazines or flyers and val-paks (that aren’t working for you anyway), to increase your car counts, Mobile Marketing lets you put your message right on your customer’s or prospect’s phone – that’s right in the palm of their hands.

Working With Reliable List Providers – Clean Databases for More Effectiveness

Working with clean business lists and databases can mean a lot for your marketing efforts. Read on to learn more who working with a reliable provider is a good choice.

The Trend Of Partner Relationship Management With CRM Tools

It’s important to give partners what they want. Without taking care of partners, it will make it very hard to effectively market through the different channels.

Client Management

Strategies for marketing agencies to handle their clients. Specifically discussing how to build a marketing platform without giving in.

What Is Lead Management?

Lead management seems like a too-general or disposable idea, but it is actually used in businesses to describe the methods, practices, and systems designed for generating a new, potential clientele. It is done through a variety of marketing tools and techniques. Part of it, too, is identifying the best leads for your business through geocoding, reverse phone lookup, and similar tools. Learn more about lead management and how it can beef up your marketing efforts.

Marketing Strategy Plan: Key Ingredients Of A SWOT Analysis

In every marketing strategy plan, the first step in determining your current position in the market is through a comprehensive SWOT analysis. This helps you identify and improve your Strengths and Weakness while focusing on the external Opportunities and Threats that may positively or negatively affect your company.

Creating Good Karma With Your Contacts

The current market is extremely competitive. In addition to having to compete with large corporations, small businesses also have to jostle for positions with other small businesses that sell the same products or offer the same services.

Use Thank You Cards for Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing to Increase Car Counts – Here’s the Rules

When marketing your auto repair shop business to increase car counts and build your business, Thank You cards make the perfect follow up. They are simple, effective and best of all, they’re personal. But there are rules that you should follow and simple mistakes you should avoid.

Getting Organized With Promotional Items

There is a very good chance that many of your customers spend a small fortune on organizational tools for their business every year. You can help their budget, make life easier for them, and build your brand by providing these items for them.

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