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How To Spot Entrepreneurs In Your Lead Generation Campaign

Having an entrepreneurial spirit is certainly a good quality that you should have for your lead generation campaign. And it helps to have people with that kind of mindset. How do you identify them?

Ongoing Lead Generation Can Benefit From An Inbound Contact Center

While B2B marketing tends to be outbound, much can still happen in the middle of that process. New questions, new input, and new schedules could warrant a change in the prospect’s information on your CRM database. You need to make sure these messages are received properly and changes are made without delay.

Shopping For A Contact List Must Not Lead To Impulse Buying!

Buying a contact list can be expensive and using it for marketing can be even more so. That’s why it’s all the more important to refrain from impulse buying. It’s not just a problem for consumer shoppers but also B2B ones.

Are You Afraid of Video?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve got some phobias: I’m afraid of heights (Acrophobia), and I’m not so keen on closed in spaces. One phobia I have been able to conquer is Videophobia. Now, I’m not sure that’s even a real phobia, but I know a lot of us suffer from it!

Top Tips for Creating an Engaging Website

This article discusses some top tips for creating an engaging website to bring people back, time and time again. It is not always about elaborate, creative and funky designs; sometimes simplicity is a far more effective methodology to follow, coupled with great, compelling and interesting content of course.

Awareness Pins Bring Much-Needed Attention to Your Favorite Cause

For many organizations, good stewardship and community involvement means helping to provide support and draw attention to worthy causes. Sponsoring charity events, donating materials, and encouraging employees and members to volunteer are all great ways to get involved, but once the event is over, attention quickly turns to other things. You can help keep your cause in the front of everyone’s mind by creating custom awareness pins.

OPB: Leveraging Other People’s Bonuses

When crafting Irresistible Offers so that people can say yes on the spot, one of the challenges that people run into is what to use as a bonus. Of course you have your main dish, which is the main program that you’re offering. Your bonus, which is like the super yummy side dish, is something that the same client who buys your main dish would also really want. For example, if they’re buying a program about how to sell info products, they would probably get huge value from a bonus about how to grow their ezine subscriber list.

Finding the Right Clients Starts With Knowing Where To Look

Finding the right clients can be a challenge. Even after you’ve identified who your ideal client is, from target market to personality, it’s sometimes difficult to find them. You know they’re out there. You just need to look in “all the right places.”

Make Time For Your Marketing Efforts

Do you have wonderful plans that are going to help your business to grow? You may have the most fantastic marketing plan that will spread the word and allow you to attract new customers. Unfortunately, such a plan won’t do any good as long as it is locked in a drawer.

Four Fast-Action Methods to Get Your Income Flowing

Sometimes you get to the point where you have started putting things in place, but you still need more clients. If money is tight and you feel panicked, I know how hard that can be. I’ve been there too. Let me share what I did to pull myself out of the panic and get my income flowing in a positive direction.

Basics of Effective Web Content Writing

For websites, Content is King, as it is the content only, which help business owners to explain the quality and features of their products and services to their probable consumers online. Have you ever imagined how a website would look without content, and how many people would like to browse through it for information? Yes, you are right; no one would visit a website that doesn’t have content on it.

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