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What Makes Your Product or Service Different?

Every business has to have a USP-a unique selling point. That’s true of individual products as well. You have to explain why your widget or service beats all the others like it in the market.

Customer Experience Intelligence Inspires Innovation

The point of customer experience (CX) intelligence is to optimize everyone’s well-being in harmony: customers, employees, shareholders. As such, CX intelligence is holistic. It connects the dots from end-to-end. It connects customers’ views, behaviors, and outcomes with the company’s behaviors and outcomes. And by doing this, customer experience intelligence inspires innovation by everyone company-wide – within the highest-impact context,

Customer Intelligence Battleground

A battleground between marketers and voice-of-the-customer managers is created by the unhealthy tension in different interpretations of “customer intelligence” and “customer experience” that is UN-intelligent. To do best by customers, as well as shareholder value and employee morale, intelligent management of customer intelligence requires just that: truly balancing well-being of customers, shareholders, and employees in harmony.

Do You Have A Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

Marketing is such a vast field, very few business people ever have a complete marketing strategy. If you think having a good website or being active on Facebook is a strategy, you might be wrong!

Guerrilla Ideas for Marketing Restaurants

The restaurant business is not as easy as one thinks it to be. New eating joints and fast food joints keep coming up. Read this article and know guerrilla ideas of marketing for restaurants to be ahead in the competition.

Business Analytics – “Empowering Business Performance”

Business Analytics (BA) Solutions help organizations of all sizes to discover new ways of optimizing business operations, making new strategic plans, and capturing new market opportunities. They provide information management & business intelligence solutions as a platform for decision making and managing organizational changes wisely and carefully. It enables an organization to leverage a wide range of information work efficiently, offering new services, making smarter decisions for addressing your work imperatives more effectively & helping businesses turn data into opportunities.

Think Small: Micro-Niche Your Way to Business Success

You can charge higher fees and dominate your competition by “thinking small” and micro-niching your business. Learn how to create a streamlined, micro-niched, profitable business and a “boutique-style” business focused entirely around your passion, personality and expertise and attract a community of people who are drawn to your message and want to work with you. Stand out as a specialist in a sea of generalists.

The Soul of an Advertisement

Samuel Johnson, the 18th-century British writer, once said that a big promise is the soul of an advertisement. That’s as true today as it was 250 years ago.

Act Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace

One of the problems common to poor sales pitches is the failure to include a strong, resounding call to action. The marketer doesn’t tell the prospect why they must act now. Not doing so is a huge mistake that many marketers make, even the best of us.

Tips to Creating Top Newsletter Content

Newsletters have become a valuable marketing tool for companies around the world. This is an opportunity to provide valuable information and advice to customers on a regular basis, which increasing your brand visibility and in turn, your revenue.

Eight Rookie Mistakes Personal Trainers Make With Group Training

It’s no secret serving many people an hour is more lucrative for a personal trainer than serving one person per hour. It’s also more affordable for a customer. It is quite a secret though how some personal training businesses seem to make a large profit and some don’t. Rookie mistakes can cost you money short and long term. Here’s how to avoid them.

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