Be careful who you spend time with

How Can Independent Sales Reps Increase Business Sales?

Independent Sales Reps may rapidly increase sales revenues if properly used. Grow Business through motivated sales force.

Smart Tips For Promotional Products

Business success can be harder than ever these days. With more competition and a difficult economy the stakes behind every business decision can be the life or death of your business. One of the biggest challenges is to get the word about your company out and keep what you offer fresh in your customers minds. These issues can mean the difference between a thriving business and one about to go under, and should never be treated lightly. A great solution and winning move to accomplish these goals is using promotional products!

Today’s Business Marketing Tools

Successfully marketing your business today means you cannot rely on tired, business as usual techniques and strategies that brought you to where you are. Somewhere along the way I coined the phrase, “Do not Pong it!”

The Marketing Process

Put simply, marketing is about putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time. It’s that simple? Well, not quite.

Let Your Instincts Guide Your Inside Sales Campaign

Numbers and facts are good for inside sales. But relying on your instincts is also a good idea. How can you make sure your instincts are in the right direction? Read on to learn more.

Quick Marketing Tips

As many readers to my work know, each month I write a column for the Marketing Magazine. The issue I enjoy writing the most each year is the December/January issue. In 2010 the column was titled 12 Tips in 1200 Words and I was really surprised how many nice emails I got from readers who enjoyed the read. So now I have decided to review what I wrote and I am proud that the tips are still very valid. Here is a selection of the Best of 12. Enjoy!

Pregnancy Center Donor Marketing

Pregnancy Center Donor Marketing Marketing online to your prolife supporters is crucial to raising the needed support to maintain and grow your capacity to serve clients. Donor marketing starts with creating a communication plan, which could also be referred to as your marketing plan. The donor marketing plan should include writing content and designing graphic content that can be published through your website, eletter, Facebook, and possibly other social media sites that your donors have adopted.

Pregnancy Center Marketing

Pregnancy centers have 2 unique target audiences. The two groups include abortion minded women and prolife donors. One group needs help and the other wants to help.

Why Product Managers Need To Not Follow Their Development Plans

A lot of us would tell a younger product manager that they needed to make sure that once they came up with a development plan for their product, they needed to make sure that their team stuck with it. It turns out that this just might be the worst advice that you could give to a product manager…

Effective Marketing For Your Company Events

Whether you are conducting a cultural event, a brand launching party or any educational seminar, an effective marketing campaign will make sure your event gets the success that it deserves. Effective event marketing increases awareness and generates excitement among people.

Media Conference Minutiae – The Art of Delivering an Effective Media Conference

You have a spectacular event organized that everybody in the world will want to attend as soon as they hear about it. The media are clambering to get an exclusive interview with you.

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