Behind the Brand– Best of 2021 Review + AMA

Bullet Points Are Just Starting Points

Many people think that bullet points are more communicative than written-out copy. this article explains why they’re actually far less communicative.

Lessons From Iowa for Small Business Owners

Powerful and heavily-funded political campaigns, some of which have been described as “Juggernauts on a Journey”, sway to an inordinate degree, the views and opinions of voters. Sometimes, they appear to dictate the opinions and behaviour of the public. There are times, also, though, when they fail to convince and we have just witnessed such a situation in the Iowa Caucus. There are serious lessons here for Small Business Owners when it comes to assessing how they might approach their Marketing and Branding; lessons that are well worth consideration when considering investing hard earned cash, or worst still, borrowings, in order to improve your profit margins.

High Definition Full Color Offset Printing Is Here – Sharper, Brighter, Smoother, More Colors

Color printing is all about the screens. There are two kinds of screening technology, AM and FM screens. Most printing companies use AM screens. A few printing services use FM screen that print sharper, brighter, smoother and more colors.If you buy color printing services you need to know about the differences in screens.

Pricing Primer: Intangible Services

Pricing is an art and a science and pricing intangible services is especially challenging. Setting the right price for a product or service is a critical step in building a profitable business. Quite simply, you must charge enough money to not only cover your production or procurement costs, but also reflect the value of the product or service provided and the value of your brand, i.e., what clients will pay for the confidence derived from doing business with you. But pricing a service is tricky and unless you are for some reason privy to what others may charge for similar services, you are in the dark.

Digital Printing – Empowering Marketing Efforts

Printing is a great way to create awareness no matter on what medium. Successful businesses use digital printing to make sure a high level of visibility is achieved; there can never be too much exposure.

Uncover Your Hidden Marketing Assets for Rapid Business Growth

All businesses have underutilized marketing assets, but they don’t know how to find them. Take the time to find yours and your business can grow faster than you thought possible.

Online Movie Tickets Pose A Problem For Product Managers

When you go to the movies, how do you buy your tickets? I’m willing to bet that your answer was not “online”. Yeah, sure, sometimes if the movie is going to be really popular or if it is critically important that you get your hands on a ticket, then you might go online and buy your ticket there. However, most of the time you probably get it the old fashioned way – you stand in line and buy it at the window. If you were the product manager working at one of the companies that sell movie tickets online, this would indicate that there is a real problem with your product development definition.

Not Happy With Your Marketing ROI? Audience Definition Can Help

Spending money on a marketing campaign with less than satisfactory results can be a very frustrating process for a company. However, this is not a rare occurrence and can affect more businesses than is acknowledge in the marketing world. If you are unhappy with your Marketing Return of Investment (ROI), then take a look at how defining your audience can help.

Understanding The Psychology Of Colors For The Right Application In Food And Beverage Labels

What hues would work best for your specific products, particularly if you are planning on branding foods and beverages? Below is a simple explanation of the psychology of colors you can follow or employ.

A Writer’s Guide to the Most Reluctant Storyteller

We know that telling the stories about people within an organization is an essential marketing tool. But, what happens when the people you ask to tell their stories are reluctant to do so because they are more reserved or don’t care much for writing?

Some New Rules To Follow In Event Marketing

Like everything else in the world of promoting products and services, event marketing tactics have also undergone changes through the years. There can be different monikers for the same such as participatory advertising or live marketing. This is all about doing things, building technological overlay for real-world places.

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