Behind the Magic Johnson Brand

Creating a Real Estate Social Media Campaign

Imagine- Recently, you started working at a real estate firm and your boss asks you to create a social media outline. What do you do? Rather than trying to create a huge, detailed, multi-faceted plan for an overwhelming number of social media outlets, remember the phrase quality over quantity.

Why Product Managers Should Not Listen To Their Gut

When we talk about the skills that each of us needs in order to be a good product manager, one skill keeps coming up over and over again: the ability to make good decisions. I think that we can all understand why this is so important; however what seems to be escaping us is just exactly what we need to do in order to become better at doing this.

Can Online Medical Marketing Expand Your Client Base?

The internet is an abundant source of information for all health and wellness related information. Today, it is widely used for the purpose of expanding clientele for pharmaceutical firms and independent medical practitioners. With the wide array of information available over the internet, such information can educate as well as make them aware of the services that you provide.

Disinfectants – Indispensable in Labs

Choosing the right kind of medical lab equipment enhances the accuracy and timeliness of diagnostic procedures. Some important considerations can help make the right choice.

6 Challenges Faced by Pharmaceutical Communications

The pharmaceutical industry is going through a dynamic phase and is constantly adapting to the every evolving world of 21st century communications. This has led to a series of challenges that pharmaceutical organizations face on a regular basis.

Social Marketing in Medical and Healthcare Communications

The field of medical and healthcare communications continues to rapidly evolve especially over the recent two decades. It has undergone a wide transformation from its dependence on public service announcements to a more systematic approach that utilizes successful techniques employed by commercial marketing gurus, now known as ‘social marketing’.

Your Very First Step to Monetizing a Blog

Monetizing a blog using keywords that people are using in their searches. Here’s how to get the best domain name for your blog. This method uses the Free Google Keyword planner, formerly called AdWords Keyword Tool.

The Truth About Marketing

When you can keep to your promise by delivering to the customers what you’ve promised then your customers become loyal to you and they keep patronizing you. Follow these marketing tips and it will help you in your marketing cause, achieving your desired result is doable.

Preparing A Checklist Helps When Planning For an Event

One factor that can make an event successful is the habit of preparing a checklist well in advance to avoid uncertainties of any kind. You will have to conduct plenty of research about the resources available to you in order to overcome any obstacles that could pull you back from achieving your objectives when trying to plan the perfect event. You cannot begin speaking about the event until you have made proper arrangements.

Attracting New Members Through Association Marketing

Marketing is more than just advertising and selling. It is a process that helps organizations convey the value of their products and services to a targeted audience to convince them to become long term members. Because marketing is necessary for keeping existing members and finding new ones, a marketing plan is a must have for every association.

How to Plan A Meeting?

Planning a meeting is not a simple task and can become overwhelming to an individual who may not have the experience in managing such affairs. People without experience can make several mistakes, which can turn a meeting into a disaster. In such cases hiring a professional meeting planner will prove beneficial because they have a better idea about how these matters should be handled.

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