Best lesson I learned in my 30’s

Building a Foundation for Success in Internet Marketing

Most internet marketers have a lone wolf mentality. Most of them also fail miserably and only give up after years of effort and investments. While correlation doesn’t equal causation, there’s another way of doing it that shows that the lone wolf mentality leads to failure.

3 Tips to Avoid Trouble With Freelancers in Your Internet Marketing Project

Internet marketers are all about “The 4 Hour Work Week.” The concept comes from a book written by Tim Ferris. Essentially, it involves building a business that doesn’t require more than 4 hours of commitment every week.

Email Marketing Tips

Today almost every website has a strategy for email marketing and this surely is one of the best ways to proceed. Almost everyone shops online these days and hence you need to make sure that your business has an amazing web presence. If you’re looking for great ways to promote your products to the people who are actually interested in it, the best way would be email marketing along with various other factors such as SEO, Social networking and proper web design.

Online Lead Generation Mistakes To Get Rid For 2013

Avoiding lead generation mistakes for the 2013. One of the first thing that you need to consider to have a blast next year for your business.

Business Lessons From My Favourite TV Shows!

I do watch TV on a regular basis and I’m not ashamed to admit it. These days, it seems like it’s a bad thing to watch TV – but that all depends on WHAT you are watching and why.

Why Batch Size Matters To Product Managers Who Want To Be Successful

Most of the products that we product managers are responsible for are made up of many different parts. Even if you are in charge of a service product, I’m willing to bet that there are a number of different “parts” that go into creating the product that you offer to your customers. Here’s a very important question for you that should be part of your product development definition: when your product is being created, should you work with it in large or small batches?

Offline Marketing Strategies for the Online Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs go 100% online when they first start their businesses because they have numerous opportunities to promote and market. But what do you do when you’ve marketed everywhere you can online? You take it offline!

7 Elements of an Effective Marketing System

A lot of marketing “gurus” would have you believe you couldn’t possibly create an effective marketing system all by yourself. One of the problems facing many business owners is they simply don’t know the pieces of the puzzle that make up an effective marketing system. That’s what you’re going to learn today and then, you’ll be better equipped to create a marketing system for your business and generate the sales results you need to thrive.

3 Ways You Can Create Awesome Headlines

Copywriting is all about grabbing the attention of your audience and keeping their attention with good content. That can be quite difficult without a great headline. If you are creating an ad, blogging, writing an email, or giving a company speech, you need to grab the attention of your audience with your headline.

“Mystique” Boosts Profit Margins – Even When Marketing Meatballs

Though I can’t prove it, I suspect that the use of “mystique” – the creation of an air of mystery, not the word itself – originated with Middle Eastern spice and perfume merchants thousands of years ago. There are some who would have you think that “mystique” is a creation of French wine merchants as their way to sell more wine, but the phenomenon seems to predate the French. Regardless, the use of “mystique” has always made it easier to profitably sell a broad range of products… including meatballs.

A Major Multi Level Marketing Problem – Credibility

In this article we will be discussing one of the major problems in multi level marketing – credibility. How to build trust with people, how to stand out, how to be different? Find out here!

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