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The Benefits of Giving Away Custom Promotional Products

The different custom promotional products imprinted with your company’s logo can help your business to be recognized and remembered by your prospective customers. By using these promotional items for your marketing purposes, your company can be introduced and advertised to countless of your potential customers at inexpensive price.

10% Of Your Customers Will Forget About You in the Next 30 Days (What Are You Going to Do About It?)

The battle for attention is vital for marketers these days. This article shows you just how expensive it is to have a customer forget about you and what you can do to stop them from forgetting about you.

The Entrepreneur’s Struggle and Journey

The entrepreneur’s struggle and journey when face with emotional upsets that may kinder progress. Realizing the entrepreneur isn’t alone in their pursuits to help change the world may help relinquish some of the anguish that comes with owning a holistic business.

Top 3 Marketing Strategies for New Entrepreneurs

The top 3 marketing strategies for new entrepreneurs that will capture your audience. From defining your marketing style to making others feel special and owning your spotlight, your marketing efforts will increase.

Top 10 Mistakes on Business Websites

Website often act as the first impression for the business. It’s important that it makes a positive impression on potential customers. When putting together your business website, avoid these 10 common mistakes which can cause confusion, cause customers to leave and cost you business.

Booklets or Books – Which Are Better?

It depends. Sometimes it’s a tie. This question has bounced around during the past 20+ years among writers, consumers, marketers, sponsors, and others, both inside and beyond the publishing industry. That’s even before tackling the element of publishing in print or digital download, which is a topic for another day.

How Instagram Can Help Promote Your Businesses Marketing Strategy

When forming your social media strategy for your business, Instagram is an excellent mobile marketing app that can effectively carry over your companies marketing strategy. While Instagram is not the only tool that has been proven effective for businesses, it is hard to ignore as it is currently valued at One Billion dollars and 80 million+ users. There are many ways that Instagram can be a huge benefit when promoting your businesses: marketing strategy, philosophy, and brand image.

Create a Sense of Camaraderie and Community Spirit With Custom Designed Pins and Key Chains

For more than 200 years, college fraternities have helped shape the social lives of students. The bonds formed between members and their dedication to education and community last a lifetime. Strong ties and fond memories are cherished, and special gifts such as custom pins and key chains often find a place of honor among favorite mementos.

How To Have Your Own Deck Of Custom Playing Cards

Thanks to technological advances, customization is something that is highly probable and doable nowadays. You can decide to customize anything and everything you want. It comes as no surprise, then, that even something seemingly innocuous as a deck of playing cards can also be treated the same way. If you think about it, something slightly similar to customization has been going on with the playing cards, if the design changes that have been made to it since the ninth century – when it first appeared – are any indication. Paving the way to this is the seemingly unstoppable introduction of new tools and machines that will only make customization efforts even more of a breeze.

Augmenting Your Monthly Budget With Some Effective Money-Making Ideas

A lot of us are always looking for ways to earn extra cash. It’s not really a surprising thing because inflation has made everything more expensive these days. Even those who earn a decent monthly wage still look for ways to stretch their budgets.

Small Businesses Gain Big Business Marketing Savvy With EDDM!

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an innovative and highly successful mailing program developed by the US postal service. It has benefits for any size of business but the benefits it offers to a small business are truly outstanding. There are several benefits.

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