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5 Cost-Effective Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

Whether it’s tweeting twice a week or sending promotional text messages to potential clients, a good marketing strategy will help you broaden your client base, build customer relationship and increase your bottom line. Here are 5 low-cost marketing strategies that you can use.

Learn to Leverage Your Idle Assets

Why would smart folks do things that are not so smart when viewed through the lens of business practices? The answer is because most thought leaders and authors thrive when they are creating content, researching, tweaking and revising their models, tackling new problems – in short, thought leaders enjoy thinking.

Banner Hangers and Their Usefulness in Marketing Campaigns

Banners are an impaction visual advertising medium. But oftentimes, this impact is marred by poor banner hangers that just refuse to stay put during strong winds or are unable to stand inadvertent tugs or pulls; adhesive grommet tabs are thus a better alternative.

Transition From eCommerce to Social Commerce

Businesses operating in the dynamic environment need to be vigilant about the current trends of the market. They need to be acquainted with market trends to adopt new communication channels for revenue a generation that promises growth.

Doing the Harlem Shake – The Pinnacle of Human Development?

Trends and jokes seem to have a monopoly on the internet, the ‘Harlem Shake’ simply being one of the latest. But each of these fads represents something more significant than a mere joke, and you can read on to find out what.

Innovation in Shopper Marketing

Inspired by Magnus Lindkvist in his ‘Attack of the unexpected” given at the shopper insights conference in Amsterdam I was thinking how we can use this in shopper marketing. Look outside the usual. He asked the audience what is this picture?

Brand Marketing – Way To Promote A Brand

Brand Marketing is defined as a brand strategy or brand marketing strategy where in it is a technique in which it strengthens customers’ accountability and surely commands loyalty to the product. Whether it is a newly constructed brand or an old product, this marketing strategy has set of rules to be followed that will result to a positive outcome and great achievement. It will determine your target reach of clients. Brand marketing is one of the most significant factors in attaining success or so as to failure of once product identity because it can differentiate profit and loss that will give you an idea on how to make better products.

More Questions About Dye Sublimation Printing of Fabric/Cloth Banners and Flags

Question: What are the basic styles of fabric construction for tradeshow exhibit booths? Answer: That is a very broad question. Kind of like how do you build a house? But let’s give it a whirl. Most fabrics that are used for tradeshow displays are a polyester knit fabric with a small amount of a stretchy material called lycra in it to promote stretchiness. Why would you want stretchy polyester fabric for your tradeshow display? First, it does print very nicely when using the dye sublimation printing method. Dye sublimation is the transfer of ink from a carrier paper to synthetic fabrics (most typically polyester or nylon) using heat and pressure, although more recently, direct-to-fabric dye sub printing has become very popular due to its comparative speed and ease of production compared to the heat/pressure method.

Interview Transcription – Reasons Why You Need It

Interview transcription is the fundamental process in conversion of the verbal share of an interview, research as well as the conversation of the focus groups. Basically, it works upon the recorded format of question-answer round by interviewer and interviewee and then transcribes the same into clear & accurate text format. The transcription services design their businesses in converting the speeches whether they are just recorded or live into the written text as well as electronic documents.

Turn the Fear of Failure in Your Favour

Let’s begin with a simple truth – everyone fears failure. That’s because we all have – and will again – fail at some point in our lives. Fear can come from many sources. Perhaps you’re just starting out in business and feel confused by the crushing weight of employee contracts, insurance documents and marketing plans that all jostle for your attention. Or perhaps you’re an established business unsure how to survive another slow season in tough economic times. In either case, it’s natural to feel daunted and overwhelmed. Sometimes we feel completely out of our depth and without control over the salon or spa that demands so much of our time, energy and emotion.

Top Tips for Financial Marketing Success

Financial marketers may not be flavour of the month at the moment. But that should not stop you from picking yourself (and your reputation) up off the floor. There is still business out there to be won and never has it been more competitive in the financial and investment markets.

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