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The Nuts And Bolts of Ruby Ribbon

Find out more about the company called Ruby Ribbon. The reason we will be talking about this company today is that they are offering an opportunity to make money. Find out more about the opportunity here!

How To Get More Customers Online, Strategies For Boosting Online Reputation

These days, the Yellow Pages have a problem, because when they arrive at most homes they go immediately into the recycle bin. In the past a big Yellow Pages ad was all your business had to do to attract customers. Today Google and other online directories have replaced the Yellow Pages.

Strategies for Your New Year’s Marketing Plan

So many coaches I work with are so darn creative I am constantly impressed. And I consider myself creative too. But did you know there can be a downside to that creativity?

Why Is Packaging an Important “Point of Choice”?

A good package design is an ad on the shelf. It will encourage shoppers when they are ready to take action, to drop the product in their basket… at the point of choice. The design must entice and the messages must engage the reader, just like a good ad.

Cleaning Services Leads – Managing Their Flow

The flow of your cleaning services leads should neither be fast or slow. It should not be leaky or tight. It should be well controlled and well-maintained just like you would an actual water pipe.

Understanding Local SEO

Understand various aspects of Local SEO. You will learn about several advantages of developing good local search engine optimization strategy.

Affluent Consumers and Daily Deals

According to a survey by the American Affluence Research Center, 47% of the affluent use daily deals. This indicates the worth of such programs to the retail industry, and its potential use in brand recognition and customer attraction.

Less Is More and Free Is Bad for Your Word of Mouth Marketing

What are people thinking when they interact with you? It would be incredibly useful to have such information readily available to you when you start a conversation or make a sale’s pitch. Unfortunately we can’t read minds.

The Things You Shouldn’t Do When Printing Flyers

Flyer printing is one of the most effective and economic ways of promoting a business. When they are well written flyers can generate a lot of sales, but there are some things that should be avoided to prevent them from simply becoming waste paper.

Strategic Marketing and Advertising Planning

Strategic marketing and advertrising involves strategic planning, understanding the difference between marketing and advertising, and knowing the opportunities and options that are available. To do this it will be important to understand the methods used and reevaluating your strategic plans to match your marketing and advertising objectives.

Christmas Craziness And 8 Marketing Secrets To Attract A Never Ending Supply Of Dream Clients

As I walk past pictures of angelic looking families gathered around a perfectly decorated Christmas tree, I laugh at how my Christmas experience at that exact minute is polar opposite. My arms are breaking from my shopping bags.

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