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Product Managers Need To Learn To K-I-S-S Their Customers

Doggone it – what do your customers really want? You try listening to them, you try sending them surveys, you meeting them at trade shows, and yet you still feel as though they just don’t quite understand how great your product really is and so they aren’t buying it. You’ve done everything that is included in the product development definition, what’s a product manager to do?

Customer Experience Management Is Not Technology

You’re a customer, so you’re a perfect judge of logic when it comes to the ways companies are trying to get ahead with customers. Let’s get beyond a technology-centered definition of customer experience management to view things the way customers do, and to manage our businesses in ways that customers will be eager to say great things and increase their share of budget with our brand.

Marketing Idea: Small Business Guide To Success

Southern African companies are flourishing! If you wander along in a single of the occupied cities you are going to certainly see plenty of small enterprises in most part. What exactly created these firms growth?

How to Get Referrals Easily for Your Company – Learn It NOW!

The best way for your business to grow is for more people to hear about your services and want to try them. Advertising is a great place to start, but most people are inundated with ads that mean very little to them, apart from the rest of the ads out there. Hearing about a great new place to eat or shop or get your hair done from a friend or family member, however, incites you to try that place over another if they give it good reviews.

Pay Yourself First!

How many of you keep telling yourself that you have no money? That happens a lot at this time of year!

Leveraging Your Book and Platform Strategically – Part 3

One of the challenges you face when considering the ways to leverage your content is that there are now more modalities than ever before that people use to consume content. The days of just reading a book or an article to gain knowledge are over. You need to be able to understand who your market is and how they prefer to consume content and then you need to make sure you can give them what they want in the format they want it.

6 Steps From a Hobby to a Really Serious Business

I will call it a hobby for want of another term, but a hobby is usually a passion, something you enjoy creating or making, or being involved with.  Often hobbyists fall into their businesses by accident.

Application for 80-Inch HD TVs In the Home – A Curator’s App

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to go to a local museum. It wasn’t a large museum, but it had moved into a larger location and the fees for looking at the exhibits were rather low; only five dollars per person. Unfortunately, judging by the sign in sheet and guestbook they were not batting a 1,000. Myself and one other person (my guest) happened to be the only two folks who had attended the museum that day. I counted four people on staff, and one curator. Obviously they can’t run that place for $10 a day.

Do You Practice Attraction-Based Marketing or Interruption-Based Marketing?

What is the goal of your business? When I ask this question to audiences large and small, most reply, “To make money.” E-Myth fans suggest that it’s “To sell your business.” Many will quote their mission statements. The answer is analogous to an acorn; the entire tree is contained within. The goal of your business is: To Find and Keep Customers.

Psychographic Marketing and Demographics

To dig deeper into demographic profiles, marketers are looking into psychographics to isolate specific and targeted marketing resulting in a higher rate of conversion. In today’s world of technology, behavioral data from search engine companies like Google, Bing as well as Facebook and LinkedIn have ways of tracking the habits of consumers and potential customers. Because of the popularity of social media such as Facebook and Linked-In, marketers and sales managers are asking for more detailed information on their target customer so that their marketing efforts can be refined to smaller more densely populated groups.

Are You Perfect for Pinterest?

Google+ continues to be a controversial subject but I think this year’s biggest social media buzz so far has been surrounding the amazing rate of growth of Pinterest. Why is everyone so excited about it and could it be a platform that is perfect for your business to use?

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