Daniel Pink: The Power of Regret [Exclusive Event]

Five Perfect Tasks for Your New Virtual Assistant

Most small business owners start feeling stretched and get to the point where they can no longer do it all alone. You realize you need another pair of hands to complete everything that’s on your plate. So you decide to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) and think this is a way to help you get more done faster. You may not know right away what tasks your VA should handle, but you would love for this service to somehow pay for itself.

Vibrant Shades Of Event Marketing

Advertising, marketing and especially event marketing has seen some of the greatest transformation in the last decade. With the ever so engaging transformation and tectonic shifts, it has observed many shades of time.

The New Face Of Event Marketing

The world is moving like never before and companies are moving at an even faster pace with new and innovative ideas all the time in order to draw attention of the widest possible audience. With the smart moves and some of the most creative ideas, companies always try their excellent levels to magnetize the audience towards their company/product/service.

Is This Why So Many Content Marketing Campaigns Fail?

Content marketing has been around since the early 1890’s. It thrived in the hey day of radio and it is still thriving today. In fact, the opportunities for a successful content marketing campaign have never been better. That makes it difficult to understand why so many of these campaigns don’t succeed, but fail they often do. Two potential linked causes stand out from all the other reasons for failure. I will discus them in this article…

Tradigital Marketing: How to Integrate Traditional and Digital for Maximum Results

There is a paradigm shift regarding the way people consume marketing messages. Traditional marketing might be the conversation starter but digital is the new destination as usually the first portal to get more detail (think Google). In other words, it is not “traditional” vs. “digital,” its “tra-digital” that will generate better results. The same applies for traditional instore environments.

Guide to Instagram for Big and Small Businesses

A small business can grow into a big one by integrating all their efforts online. This includes using Instagram. The article will give you tips on how to promote your business on Instagram, starting with getting more followers and posting interesting content

3 Mobile Messaging Options You’ll Use For Marketing

The mobile marketing of today segments groups of customers. When a brand goes mobile, a relevant message become a powerful weapon for attracting a niche audience who opt to receive your offers, rewards, and immediate calls to action – which can spontaneously work if your message hits the mark.

Three Reasons Why a Get Acquainted Call Beats a Free Consultation

When you are looking to get new clients, one of the best ways is to have a phone call with prospects to get to know them a bit and tell them about your services. Some people offer a free consultation, but I tell my students that this is not the best positioning for what the call is really about.

3 Reasons to Market Your Offline Business Online

If you are not already marketing your business online in a meaningful way, it’s time to get started start. With few exceptions, almost every type of business can benefit from an online presence. And being online means marketing online.

How To Get, Keep And Earn More From Your Fitness Customers

Attracting new fitness customers and keeping current customers happy is a continuous process. With more fitness professionals, more fitness studios, health clubs and accessible online fitness programming than ever before, you have to do it better. If you’re in charge of hiring or programming these are two areas where you want to make sure you have a competitive edge.

Marketing Tip: Know Your Audience

One of the most important things just about any business needs to consider when marketing, is who they are trying to reach. It doesn’t matter if you are marketing online or offline, you need know your audience, and speak directly to them if you want to ensure a successful marketing campaign. If you know who your audience is, you’ll also know what they want and how best to reach them.

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