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5 Fabulous Magnetic Marketing Tips!

Magnetic marketing is marketing that draws your most desirable, ideal clients right smack to you, and it happens almost naturally, without any aggressive behavior on anyone’s part. Through magnetic marketing, the client and the business person are pulled towards each other like metal to a magnet! Here are 5 fabulous magnetic marketing tips to get you started drawing your most attractive clients directly to you!

Putting Up A Promotional Video Wall: Using Image Technologies To Benefit Your Business

If you are thinking of the most effective tool for your marketing, consider a digital signage solution. It does not cost as much as what businesses pay for an advertisement on newspapers or magazines but it is more powerful way to catch your target market’s attention.

The Thank You Economy In Action! Plus 11 Ways to Outcare Your Lazier-Than-You Competition!

The Thank You Economy correlates to the difference between being friendly and being a friend, or being a mother and being a mom, or being a dog owner and loving your dog. It is the extra attention, the extra love, the extra CARE that MAKES it a meaningful relationship! You cannot afforrd NOT to be part of the Thank You Economy! Your marketing budget is likely around 5-10% of your sales, so with the tips that follow, take AT LEAST a portion of this budget to finance your gift-giving loving-kindness towards your wonderful customers who gave you that money in the first place! After all, isn’t marketing “Creating Awareness”? What better way to get peeps talking about YOU!

Pest Control Maketing Tip – How To Get New Customers FAST!

Pest Control Marketing is not rocket science. There is no magic bullet that will bring a sudden burst of new customers to your door. But, if you will follow certain PROVEN principles of sales and marketing, you will see your business grow.

Product Managers Need To Understand How To Upgrade Customers

Something that is probably not talked about enough is the issue of how to get your customers to upgrade. You really don’t want to have to support old versions of your product for very long, but customers fear change. What’s a product manager to do?

Are Social Suites Bad For Marketing?

Whether you have a Klout score of 83 or 38 followers on Twitter, if you’re into social, you’ve probably thought about using a social suite. From Hootsuite  to Eloqua, there are many providers trying to tap into this billion dollar industry and they’re quick to smother you with data and case studies about how their software can increase this, encourage that, and optimize everything.

What Content Should I Have on My Website?

If anyone should know your business like the back of your hand, it’s you. But do you know your business’ website just as intimately? If not, don’t expect your site visitors to get to know it very well. In fact, they might not even stick around if it doesn’t contain some very basic elements.

Foundations of Marketing

Marketing is a crucial business function. Having a great product or offering an excellent service is very well, but if people are not aware of what you are offering they can’t buy your products or use your services.

The Rocky Boat Pizza Marketing Strategy

One of the most critical commonalities of successful people boils down to one simple thing. Innovation.

Running Your Business Remotely

It isn’t necessary to be at your business’s headquarters to run your business effectively. Growing numbers of small business owners are starting to figure out that they don’t have to be bound to any given physical location to do their jobs effectively. Of course, there are effective ways to get your work done outside the office and there are ineffective ways. Adopting good strategies for getting work done will help you to free yourself from the confines of your office and still remain effective.

Profit From These Mobile Media Marketing Tips

When it comes to marketing via mobile devices, you fill find that it means different things to different people and businesses. The advice in the following article can show you how to successfully implement a strategic plan for your mobile marketing campaigns.

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