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Creating a Logo: What You Need to Know

Creating a logo that represents your practice well is a key piece of success. A logo is the client’s first impression of you – it can show them how professional and creative you are, or alert them that you may not spend your time putting together quality work. There are many bad logos out there… but the memorable ones are well thought-out, creative, and showcase the brand well.

How Split Testing Can Increase Sales

Split testing requires meticulous tracking and record keeping. The payoff is more effective marketing and more sales. Here’s an overview of what it is, how it works and what it can do for your business.

How to Segment Markets Progressively

Consumer marketers will tell you that markets can be segmented on the grounds of geography, demographics, social class, lifestyle, personality, benefits sought – to name a few segmentation variables. Nevertheless, if you can answer the rhetorical question – does this group of customers seek the same benefits – and the answer is yes – then you have defined a market segment.

Why Only 20% Ever Succeed

Last time we talked about the phenomenon that in almost any population, you will have 5% who are superstars, 15% who show potential, and 80% who for the most part will not ever rise to the top. This is known as the 80/20 rule. So the question that comes up is…Why don’t the 80% move?

Do You Need a Mobile Website?

Do you need a mobile website? To answer that question, you need to ask yourself the following questions: Do you want more customers? Do you want more sales? A mobile website is not a regular website that has been “shrunk” to fit a mobile device’s screen. It is not a smaller version of your regular website. A mobile website is a website specially designed and constructed to fit comfortably on a mobile device’s smaller screen and still be fully functional.

5 Marketing Lessons Email Teaches Us

Email marketing is widely considered to be the best, most effective and most personal forms of marketing available to brands today. In a way, it functions as the all-encompassing advertising medium – it brings together features of display advertising with that of rich, interactive media as well as being the digital proponent of pure direct marketing.

How to Shoot a Great Corporate Video – Its All About the Script

Whether your corporate video will be self-produced or handled by a professional corporate video production team, you need to have a plan. What are the goals of this video? How will this video be used, and which web page will it be placed on? Your plan should involve crafting a clear, concise script for your video content that both reflects your goals and addresses your customers needs.

Design And Print Your Own Greeting Cards

When thinking of a greeting card design, it will obviously be different from a corporate business card design or any other card design. If you want to say something special, sentimental, silly or kind to a friend or family member, you will not find it at the store. Making your own greeting card is your best chance of communicating what you really want to say to your loved ones.

Vital Tips For Designing A Brochure

In simple terms, a brochure is a type of leaflet that features printed information. People mainly use two types of brochures – the bi-fold ones and the tri-fold ones. A bi-fold brochure is printed on both sides and then folded twice while a tri-fold brochure is printed also on both sides but folded three times.

Eight Secrets to Closing the Sale During a Free Teleclass

Have you started doing free teleclasses yet? This can be such a powerful method to accomplish two important goals. First, free teleclasses will help build and grow your list. The bigger your list, the more people to which you can market your programs and products. As I’ve said many times, I have found the tipping point for list building is about 1,000 people.

How Market Research Service Makes Business Sense In A Global Market

Market research is an important part of doing business as it helps organizations understand the needs of customers and tailor their offerings accordingly. For many organizations, creating an internal market research function is cost-prohibitive, and this is where using a market research service comes into play. A market research service provides the best option by combining expertise with flexibility, allowing businesses to take advantage of market data as and when needed.

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