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How Social Media Engagement Enhances the Overall Customer Experience

We can look at social media first by focusing on traditional methods of communication. Traditional media including radio, television and magazines implemented one-way, static messages ideal for viewing and not responding. Traditional advertising methods required the business to get space in newspapers, magazines or create a television commercial.

Three Strategies to Include In Your Business’s Marketing Mix

In today’s crowded world of business, one marketing method alone isn’t enough. You and your competitors are vying for the attention of you prospects and customers, but this audience is increasingly diversified. You won’t find them in just one place anymore, so you shouldn’t be marketing yourself in just one place. Here, we will share with you a whole host of strategies and tips you should be including in your business’s marketing mix:

The Illusion of “Competitive Accounts” in Industrial Marketing

Many years ago when I worked in the motor industry it was considered that a car company would not use an advertising agency that was already working for another car company, generally on the basis of some vague ill-defined suspicion – or simple exercise of power for its own sake – much publicised power plays took place around this approach – with occasionally an agency switching from one account to a more lucrative/more prestigious one. All the while this was going on the design agencies, like Pininfarina and the engineering consultancies like Ricardo, had for years been beneficially and securely working for many different car and engine manufacturing companies – even in some cases one car company e.g. Porsche or Lotus, designing major parts of vehicles for another manufacturer.

Make Sure Your Sales Team Is Working on Your Lead Generation Effectively

Considering that the holidays are coming up, especially Thanksgiving and Black Friday, you will agree that things are in a rush. And that includes your lead generation campaign. Depending on what business you offer, there will be firms that will be in need of what you have.

More Effective Writing: Using The Right Word In The Wrong Place

When writing for business, it’s easy to get fooled by words that are similar, but making a slightly wrong choice can mean a very wrong message. This article provides some of the most commonly misused words.

Outsourcing Telemarketing To Take Your Business Relationships To The Next Level

Sometimes when you work so hard on your online lead generation campaign, you forget that there is still a next level. That next level is an actual, live conversation with your prospect. To get to that level however, you need outsourced telemarketing resources to formally qualify them all given that your prospects are now too great in number.

Add And Drop A Contact List Based On Targeting

Targeting will always be important in marketing. You need to exercise it already when choosing contact lists to add or drop. Furthermore, you cannot always be right about an industry or a certain business size so do not waste your money on those contacts until you have expanded enough to try again.

Pest Control Marketing – Using Your Vehicle to Get New Customers!

Pest Control Marketing using your vehicle as a strategically placed billboard is one way to get more new customers. And it doesn’t cost any more money!

How to Prepare Your Business for the Holidays

Most businesses rely on the holiday income that is generated from November through to January each year. Buyers spend more money during this time period than any other time throughout the year. Putting your business in a first place position to profit comes from proven business development strategies that you can use. There are four areas that you can focus on to prepare your business for the holidays.

Correlations for Strategic Marketing

If you’re doing true strategic marketing, then you’ll want to use correlations to figure out your next move. The problem is that correlations aren’t always what they seem. Read on to find out why.

Marketing Options To Consider

The success of your business is going to be determined through any number of different processes. If you have been operating a business for any length of time, you are certainly going to be aware of the need to keep in touch with your customers and to make sure that they remember that you exist. In some cases, this is going to require you to go to some old-fashioned methods that are still very effective at keeping in touch with your customers.

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