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Create an Email Marketing Plan

Email Marketing is still one of the most cost effective ways for successful marketing. Search Engine Optimization is number one. With that said it does take a marketing plan and setting goals to be able to be a success.

How Flyers Got Their Name

Flyers can wing their way on your life from any number of directions. Through your letter box, at the shopping centre or even at your local church, but did you ever wonder how this little piece of marketing literature earned its’ name?

Five Qualities Of Excellent Appointment Setters

While it may be true that lead generation work is a challenge, you can easily solve that by hiring the right people for the job. What are the qualities of good marketers?

Marketing Yourself Successfully

This article is designed to provide advice and guidance on strategies and tactics that will make managers more attractive to current and potential employers, or to customers and clients if an entrepreneurial route is taken. Around the world the market for skilled people, for professionals, for generalists and specialists, is increasing exponentially.

Medical Specialization Is Becoming The Way Of The Future

The days when general practitioners dominated the medical field appear to be limited. Today, most patients are being referred to highly specialized doctors and most practitioners are choosing to focus their efforts on a specific area of medicine in order to provide adequate and decisive medical assistance. As physicians take the role of specialists in a particular filed of medicine, they often fail to keep up to date on areas of medicine outside of their specialization.

The Ultimate Marketing Secret To Attracting More Clients

I once heard a great story about a little commercial fisherman who fishes off a well-known peninsula in New York. This man has become legendary in fishing circles and I even heard it rumored that he was the guy who captured the Great White shark that inspired the movie Jaws.

Create a Conversational Elevator Speech for Holiday Socializing

Your elevator speech is the way you succinctly explain what you do for people you meet at networking events. You share just enough information to encapsulate what you do and spark interest among the men and women you talk with. The point is to get the conversation going, right?

In-Store Music – Ambience Or Influence?

Psychologists have recognized for many years that visual and tactile perceptions can affect an individual’s susceptibility and receptivity to suggestions. A number of scientific studies have been conducted to determine how effective such subliminal manipulation can be in a marketing and sales environment.

Broad Match VS Exact Match Keywords for SEO – How to Choose Effective Keywords

Choosing the right keywords for your website can be a little confusing. Start by using the Google AdWord Keyword Tool to generate a list of potential keywords, their competition, and number of local and global searches. I recently worked with a client to research and compile a list of effective potential keywords for her site.

Some Tips on Newspaper Display Ads

When you talk about newspaper display ads with any advertising or marketing professional, one of the things that they will talk about is white space. When you look at a display ad, you may notice that some of the ads have a lot of white space and not as much print as you would expect. The reason for this is because white space is effective at framing a message and making it stand out.

How Not To Waste Your Money On Dental Advertising

This article is about how many dental practices waste their money on needless advertising, simply because they have no strategy for answering the telephone when a prospect call in response to the advertisement. There is a great misconception that all you need to do is put an advertisement into the local newspaper and everything will start working, well to capitalise on your expenditure you have to act when a prospective patient calls you.

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