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Top 4 Social Media Lessons From the Olympics for All Event Marketers

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Facebook, Twitter, and such other social media sites had a much less number of users. However, the number of social media users has grown considerably over the last 4 years and at the 2012 London Olympics people are seen actively using Facebook, Twitter, etc. to read, write, and share information and images covering their favorite players and games. According to experts, at the 2012 London Olympics, it is Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that will run the show! While the games are providing a reason to cheer for your favorite player, they are also offering valuable insights to event marketers about the best ways of using social media to increase their event attendance and generate maximum registrations.

Ways That May Be Used To Succeed In Referral Marketing

A business could spread word of its existence more quickly through referral marketing. It is a strategy that has proven to work for many business people. The fact that it is free of charge is an additional incentive for those who have never tried it before to do so. This method relies mainly on the current clients to get to prospective ones.

The Diverse Chiropractic Marketing Strategies That May Be Employed

There is need for the use of various chiropractic marketing strategies. This has been brought about by the increased number of people who have entered this profession. By using these methods well, a person can be assured of an increased number of people being enrolled as clients.

4 Strategies to Connect With Your Ideal Clients

Many business owners find it difficult to connect with their ideal clients. As entrepreneurs, we often give our clients what we think they want or need based on what we want or need. Too often, we complicate the services we provide to our clients simply because we don’t know what they are looking for. The best way to find out what your clients want or need is to simply ask them. If you create offerings that address a problem or need held by your clients, it will make it very easy for them to say: “yes I want that.” However, if you have not done prior research to find out what the needs and wants of your clients and prospects are, you will be spinning your wheels and scratching your head trying to figure out how to make more money in your business. When you ask your target audience what they need, it paints a clear picture of how you should position your business and your solutions in a way that attracts them to you.

4 Steps to Follow While Undertaking an Email Marketing Campaign for Your Events

The much hyped about social media platforms have forced event organizers to set aside traditional, powerful means of event promotion and take on a modern approach to online advertising. Email marketing is one such effective method that can lead to efficient event promotions. Though, it might sound like an old school marketing method in this social media era, it is still considered a frontrunner when it comes to sending direct messages or an exclusive invitation. Executing a successful email marketing campaign is simple if you keep few things in mind like sharing valuable information, adding value and avoid spamming.

Using LED Open Sign for Attracting Customers

A regular LED Open sign will give a sudden impulse for customers to walk right into your store. When you are going back home from your work place, you are so tired and obviously will forget about the things that your wife had told to purchase while you are coming back. Then when you suddenly see the LED open sign you will remember to stop and get what you need.

Is Local Search Marketing Here for Good?

“Location, location, location,” as the classic business and marketing mantra goes was applied a long time ago and is in the present day, but with an upswing of search engine marketing and local search marketing, the term has a whole new symbolism. This vintage saying continues to be as suitable as ever for conventional businesses that count on in-store, in-person sales instead of online shopping. In this instance, the location produces a sizeable difference in the amount of visitors an enterprise gets passing by its front door, whether on foot or perhaps in car. Some locations quite simply supply you with more significant contact with a greater sum of traffic.

Custom Mats – A New Innovative Marketing Idea for Companies

In the world of marketing where the competition never seems to rest, individuals would be left to ponder thinking of just about anything that would generate sales and have the least amount of competition. A simple idea would take months of thinking and research to make sure it is feasible and good enough to risk it. If you’d like a solid example think about mats, then add customization, what idea comes to mind? Not much I assume but here’s the entertaining part, how can custom mats turn out to be a good idea to invest on?

Marketing Your Medical Practice – There’s No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

Sure the marketing world has changed but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Take what you’ve always done and make it better. This article gives some very precise ways that you can take what you’ve always done and adapt it for the new world of marketing your medical practice.

The Case for Social Media Customer Care Through Your Outsourced Contact Center

More and more customer service inquiries are posed to brands through social media. Why, then, do 96% of brands focus solely on advertising and public relations with their social media strategy?

How to Put a “SMILE” on Your Business

A smile can go a long way. Specially when it comes to customer service. Regardless of how great your products are, a smile can completely change the whole shopping experience. Here is how a smiling sales assistant can put an even BIGGER SMILE on your business.

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