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What You Can Learn From Visiting the ER and Apply It to Your Business

Last year my oldest daughter Juliette, ended up not once but twice on two major E.R. units in our area, after picking up a bug when returning from a fabulous trip to Guatemala where she volunteered in a Mayan community.

The Critial Error That Prevents Most Business Owners From Attracting Enough Clients

Most entrepreneurs don’t choose the right marketing activities for their business, nor do they spend enough time on lead generation. This article will help you get crystal clear on exactly how much time you should be spending on working to attract new clients each week.

10 Things I Do Each Week to Attract an Endless Stream of High Paying Clients

10 things any business owner or entrepreneur can do every week to generate a steady stream of leads. A well oiled lead generation machine is key to consistently enrolling high paying clients, and it makes it much easier to sell your programs, products, and services.

How Digital Signage Works

Digital signage is a great marketing tool that has become an essential for many businesses. You see them every day and they constantly serve as reminder of brands, products or services. They are a clever form of advertising employed by businesses. Digital signage is used to display advertising messages electronically. They are considered to be an evolution of print messages. It is usually used as alternative form of marketing tool that is used as a supplement or replacement for traditional advertising sources. They are customizable and versatile in nature and one of the fastest growing advertising media.

Is Product Placement Good For Business?

Have you considered product placement as a marketing strategy for your business? Find out about the power of product placement in boosting brand awareness.

Using Security Cameras For Marketing!

You’re spending good money on a camera system for your business to cover security, safety, liability, monitoring and more. If you have a camera system already in place, or if you’re going to install one for your business, let it bring you customers! You can use your camera system to highlight an aspect of the business on a website and/or designated in-house TV channel.

Misalignment of Marketing Priorities

A recent poll shows that Brand and Positioning are the top priorities for B2B marketers over the next two years. Yet looking ahead, marketers are forecasting a change in these priorities with Understanding Buyers as one of the top priorities. Looking at these stats then, marketers need to ask themselves, how will they be effective at generating leads if Understanding the Buyer does not become a priority for at least another year?

Omnichannel – The Next Big Shopping Experience

Imagine walking into a store to buy something and being greeted by name by a sales person. Not only that, but they seem to know you had intended to buy that TV from their website, got as far as putting it in the shopping kart, but had thought you might just pop into the store to see it working before making up your mind. You really like this store; you had even praised them on social media and always get their catalogue. Now it seems that they can read your mind, know what you have researched on your tablet on the way to work and have some brilliant ideas about what TV would suit you best. Actually, you are not many years in the future, you are benefitting from Omnichannel marketing.

10 Places to Promote Your Business Online For Free

‘Water everywhere and not a drop to drink’… this is exactly how I felt when I began my journey to finding places online where I can promote our business.

How To Nail It With A Powerful Marketing Presentation

Imagine yourself in this situation. You have to impress your boss, co-workers and clients in a marketing presentation scheduled for tomorrow morning. You have less than 24 hours in hand to do what you must. Now the main question is how you do it.It doesn’t matter that you are an introvert and extrovert; you can learn marketing presentation skills in less than 24 hours. You will come across as a professional and no one will ever know that you had to struggle with these four-steps.

What Can We Learn From This Year’s Super Bowl?

I still remember my first cocktail party chat at a former employer’s home in New York. It was about how Tom Brady led his team down the field, setting up Adam Vinatieri’s game-winning 48-yard field goal as time expired in the previous Sunday’s game, resulting in the Patriots defeating the Rams. Which started to build Tom Brady’s legend in his long tenure in the NFL.

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