Don’t Mix Fear Into The Pot With GOOD Gestures

Use a Slogan to Brand Your Company

“And leave off the last “s” for savings!” – “It keeps going, and going, and going…” – “Just do it.” Instantly recognizable, these are some of the most successful company slogans ever created.

3 Tips To Dramatically Increase Your Marketing ROI

Measuring the ROI (Return on Investment) of your marketing is an essential part of your business; if you do not know how much money you are spending on different avenues of marketing, and what each of the avenues subsequently brings in to your business, how will you know which marketing method to invest more in when you want to dramatically grow your business? You simply wouldn’t; it would be trial and error, which is never good in business! What’s more, since consumer’s belts have tightened because of the recession, your marketing ROI is more important than ever before. Below you will find 3 tips to dramatically increase your marketing ROI.

Gain More Customers With Mail And Telephone Order Processing

In this day and age, obtaining new customers can be very difficult. If you want to rise to the occasion, then you need to provide your clients with something that makes you better from the rest. One way to gain more clients is to provide them with all the payment options possible, especially those who own credit cards.

Gift Cards And Loyalty Programs To Boost Your Business

According to marketing experts, it’s easier to keep an old customer than to get a new one. Because of this trend, it’s important that you keep your clients satisfied with your services and products to foster loyalty and repeat purchases. One way to make sure your patrons come back for more is gift cards and loyalty programs.

Product Management Mistake: Keeping Busy Is How Things Get Done

Why is it so hard to create new products both on time and under budget? Your management ignores the product development definition process and is always pushing you to get it done while at the same time they never seem to give you enough resources to make it happen.

How Do You Offer Text Alerts for Your Customers?

Let’s compare the 3 easiest ways to stay in front of your clients for informational and marketing reasons and decide which is best. In this article, we examine first class mail, email, and text alerts from a marketing perspective.

Social Bookmarking Tips For Using Facebook

Is traditional marketing not working for you? Are you not getting the results you expect? Now is the right time to step up in your marketing efforts.

What Is Marketing And Advertising?

Marketing And advertising are two things that businesses need to be using if they are to promote themselves in the right way. Without these a business cannot hope to attract new customers to them.

Benefits of Installing Hospital Wayfinding

One of the most neglected projects at the hospital is installing hospital wayfinding signs. These signs lead you to the right direction whether you are outside or inside the hospital. For outside wayfinding, you will usually see signs such as ‘hospital ahead’ or ‘ambulance parking’.

Learn the Fastest Way to Attract More Customers Without Spending Anything

Sharing a strategy that will you get your business in front of several hundred to thousands of new qualified leads is easy when you follow these helpful tips. The best part about this strategy is that it won’t cost you anything.

Home Security Affiliate Dealer Program

Are you looking around for a great Home Security Affiliate Dealer Program? It may be difficult to find a Home Security Affiliate Dealer Program that meets all of your requirements. Here are some great tips that will keep your company profitable and keep you in the game of selling home security systems for years to come!

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