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Who Should You Send Your Warm Letter to?

Are you looking to find more clients to grow your business? I often talk about the “warm letter” as a powerful way to enlist the help of your current network of friends, family and colleagues. Most people know about 250 people before they even start networking. That’s a lot of contacts! Think how fast your business could grow if they all knew about what you are doing and how they could help.

How to Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Work smarter not harder Do you like the sound of that? If so, then you need to get smart when it comes to your communication with potential clients in EVERY situation. Why?

6 Major Faults Made In Mobile Marketing

One bad marketing step is a considerable fault. A bunch of mistakes can derail the whole marketing campaign. These are six most common situations of wasting the budget and marketing efforts – keep all of them in mind and avoid at all costs.

4 Things To Consider in Scouting a Film Location

Film location scouts may or may not have a problem in searching for locations. California, especially Hollywood, has always been rich with areas that are perfect for movies. If not, it hosts studios that can provide the perfect set either for sitcoms or movies.

Can Facebook Really Help Your Business?

Every Monday, I am usually checking the Google analytics of my clients and am impressed by those that use Facebook as to how much traffic I see coming to the corporate website via this Social Media Channel. Am I surprised? No. You might be asking why. If so, check out these interesting stats!

6 Key Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers

Marketing tips for personal trainers. Article discusses direct response marketing, selecting a niche, distinguishing yourself from others and more.

Bring Your Business A Step Closer To The Top Through Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers

Establishing a great reputation for your business is not that easy. There are things that you must consider for your business to prosper.

Marketing: Utilization Of Outsourced Data And Research Services

The utilization of outsourced data and research services gives marketing companies a competitive edge. Learn how it works through reading this article.

How to Ensure Tradeshow Success

Tradeshows can be a great way to connect with clients, prospects and referral partners. It’s good to ‘be seen’ and to see what’s out there. However, if not handled well, a tradeshow can be an expensive waste of time. So, what can you do to improve your odds of success? Have a plan and work the plan.

Content Marketing: Do You Have A Journalist On Your Side?

Content marketing is a huge buzz word in SEO circles, but finding the right development team and creating a steady stream of meaningful content for consumers is no easy task. Good internet marketing firms, those that specialize in both local and organic SEO, have partnered with seasoned journalists to produce content that is compelling and informative – giving customers and interested parties a chance to not only gain insight into products and brands, but also interact with the companies they support. In the past, journalists were taught to be completely unbiased in the information they gave to readers…

Help Your Small Business Marketing by Improving Customer Relations

Successful small business marketing depends a great deal on having good relationships with your business customers. Happy customers are likely to return to your business again and again, and recommend your business to others in their field or industry. Without repeat business from your current customers, and their help in promoting your business to new customers, you could find yourself pouring endless time and resources into your marketing while not actually growing your business or sales over the long term.

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