Ecommerce Companies Spend 60% More on TikTok Ads in Q2 – Ignite Friday

The 5 Most Important Features of a Dynamic Business Dashboard

Dynamic business dashboards are quickly becoming one of the most popular tools in the business intelligence sector. Just as a car dashboard offers all the pertinent information the driver needs to accurately navigate his vehicle, a well-designed dynamic dashboard ideally should present a large amount of information in a streamlined, easy to interpret manner.

The Fastest Way To Grow Your Business’s Income

Do you know what the no 1 most valuable asset in your business is? Most small business owners believe that it’s them. While of course they are vital it’s not the right answer. The most valuable asset in your business is your database. Well at least it should be. If you don’t have an up to date customer database then you are cutting yourself off from your greatest sales opportunity.

Realizing What A Trade Show Exhibit Can Reveal

With a trade show exhibit, business owners have the chance to let their latest products be known to a great number of customers. This is probably the best means to let customers know that you have competitive products that can compete with the leading brands.

Kiss Your Elevator Pitch Good-Bye

It’s official. I’m mustering all my authority (however much that is) and declaring that the Era of the Elevator Pitch is over.

Local Store Marketing: Charities

Some of the local store marketing strategies that I have highlighted over the past year are designed to increase awareness and sales for your brand, others because it’s the right thing to do. Working with charities over a period of time enables you to give back to the communities in which you are located, in addition to creating a sales opportunity at the store level. Developing a working relationship with influential, local charities in your trade area not only establishes your community commitment as a business owner, but can also provide an effective way to link to a sales-driving fundraiser at your store. By supporting a local charity, you can help these organizations achieve their goals of reaching those people who are attempting to experience the everyday joys that the rest of us take for granted.

Fair Trade Accessories Are A Big Hit For Retailers

This short article discusses various reasons that fair trade scarves work well as fashion accessories. Retailers can learn of a few reasons these items can work in the fashion accessory niches in their stores.

Exponentially Increase Your Revenue Through Speaking

One of the fastest ways to increase your revenue is to make yourself available as a public speaker. It’s quite all right if you have never done it before. If you focus on a topic that’s truly of interest to your audience, prepare well in advance and formulate a follow up system you really can’t lose.

Basics of Blogging For Businesses

Blogs are an important asset that business can use to engage with their customers. If they follow a few guidelines, they can make themselves an expert for their customers.

Integrating a Website Booking System With Google Calendar

Integrating an online booking system with your Google Calendar is a great way to attract new customers. This article demonstrates the benefits of using an online booking system on your website and shows how it can be integrated with your Google Calendar.

Unique Marketing Ideas For Caterers

Caterers don’t have to be bound by traditional marketing tactics. Read on for more information.

Mobile Strategies Are Changing for Online Retailers

In order to continue sales on a regular basis, online retailers should keep up with mobile technologies for customers who are on usually in transit. Whether a retailer utilizes a mobile website or a native application, it will succeed online if it creates a reliable method for selling products.

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