Elon Musk Bought Twitter…Now What?

Insider Look: Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

Some important social media marketing trends for 2014. Social media marketing changes and impact it can have on your business.

How to Effectively Market a Pharmaceutical Brand?

In order for a pharmaceutical organization to market its offerings, it is extremely important to understand who the target consumer is. In other words, it means that you need to understand the needs of future patient-doctor community and find ways to improve your interaction with them at the grass-root level. Pharmaceutical companies are under constant pressure to provide better medicines while embracing innovations in the field of medicine gracefully. The ever increasing use of the internet as a source of information is a trend that only seems to grow. Therefore, it is very important that an effective marketing strategy should be in place to make optimum use of the internet to promote a brand.

Event Marketing – Don’t Miss Out On The Golden Opportunities

The art of event management is a manifold activity indeed. The mammoth task that it is to plan and organize any function or event, right from the beginning to its culmination, happens to be so humungous, that most people are left flabbergasted by it.

Lessons From the “Dragon’s Den”!

“If you ever watch ‘Dragon’s Den’ (on Canadian TV) or ‘Shark Tank’ (on U.S.A. TV), then you know that there are some simple rules for success. I had the pleasure of hearing one of the ‘dragons’ speak at a luncheon recently and want to share his tips for success with you. Jim Treliving kept it simple – which is totally in alignment with my own style – and was very inspiring to all of us in the audience.

Three Online Marketing Tactics to Use

As a business owner, you will probably find online marketing to be beneficial. Learn a few ways you can market your company through the Internet.

Product Managers Need To Learn How To Pivot

One of the things that every product manager eventually does is to create a business plan for their product. In this plan we lay out a strategy: what customers we want to go after, what problems we want to solve, and what product we want to offer to them. However, what do we need to do if we’re wrong? What do you need to do if you created the wrong business plan?

21 Benefits of Blogging and 22 Blogging Tips

Combine “web” with “log” and you get “blog.” It’s a funny word, but serious business. This article is about blogging for business-with a purpose. We have a lot to cover, so we’ll knock it out as efficiently as possible with a series of lists. Dig in.

Using Flyers to Help Promote Your Business

Flyers are everywhere. They’re used to promote pizzas, tourist attractions, village fetes, near enough everything. And there’s a reason people are using them: they work!

How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan

Marketing is the soul of your business, it means anything you do for the promotion of your business comes under marketing. However, without a plan or strategy your marketing campaign will not deliver the desired results. Therefore, creating marketing plan for any business is vital.

So You’re Not Getting the Whole Social Media Thing – Part 1

Many people are frustrated because they aren’t getting the result they expected from their social media campaign. Well, in order to try and help those be able to fine-tune their strategy, here are the first 5 of 10 things to consider for a more effective campaign.

Coaches Win More Clients By Playing To Your Strengths

This article is for leadership coaches who are struggling to sell their services. It describes an alternative approach to winning more clients. Rather than the widely recommended routes, such as networking, blogging and use of social media, focus on building business-to-business (B2B) relationships.

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