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Top 2 Tech Marketer Challenges (and Solutions)

Today’s tech marketers face especially large challenges. With big changes among decision makers and an ever-changing, crowded marketplace, how are they to keep up? Here are the top two challenges tech marketers face today, along with solutions to help overcome them.

Are You Making the Most of Your Marketing Funnel?

By now, you’ve heard that you should have a sophisticated marketing funnel firmly in place. But for many business owners, that advice is like hearing you should floss twice daily. It sounds good in theory, but it’s not quite there in practice.

Why Cheap Magnetic Business Cards Produce High ROI

Magnet business cards are a smart branding idea. They are one of the best marketing tools for any service type business. Magnetized cards keep your business in the minds of consumers when they need your product or service. These cards are usually offered in the shape of typical standard 2″ X 3.5″ business cards; however, they also are available in round, oval and larger postcard sizes to provide more important information when it’s needed. The best part of this cheap marketing promotion is it’s simple to do, free and easy to distribute. 500 magnet business cards should cost less than two cents each at some online printing services.

Marketing Software for Small-Businesses Websites

Marketing Software helps you get the best from your customer interaction. With the right hints, tips and insights, learn what will get your website, business and customers creating their own chemistry. Virtual: Customers behave online, just as they would in a real shop. You need to understand how people react to information online. How do you evaluate simple changes in your website to bring in more customer, or accomplish complete make-overs, that don’t scare your existing customers away?

Who Is Going To Fix Twitter’s Product?

Just about everyone out there has heard about Twitter. It’s the company that invented the 140 character “tweet” micro-blogging platform. TV shows, journalists, and celebrities all seem to be using this service all the time. The problem is that regular people don’t seem to be using it. Basically, Twitter has a product development definition problem – their customers don’t understand the product. It sure looks like Twitter needs some product management help…

Content Marketing and What It Can Do For You

Every business has a need to promote itself. That is the nature of the beast. Having a good service or product that no one knows about is useless and serves no purpose in helping that business to succeed or help the people it is designed to accommodate. As the world has changed due to technology, businesses have stayed on the front line of those developments using them to devise many innovative and unique ways to advertise themselves. When newspapers, radio and television came into being they were all used by businesses and professional people to advertise their goods and services as well as billboards which came about as the result of the invention of the automobile and the building of roads and highways.

Dental Marketing: Ideas For Marketing Your Practice

As a dentist, what makes you different than your competition? Are you independent and highlighting your practice “no wait policy”, your extended hours, or your advanced use of technology? If you have something that sets you apart, then let the public know. You should be: Expanding your services to remain competitive Using Continuing Education hours to learn new skills or techniques Offering new procedures Learn how new technologies will impact your business and service offerings Tell existing/potential patients about changes and improvements so that you will exceed their expectations!

The Two Pillars of Customer-Centric Marketing

The epicenter of marketing has changed. We now live in a customer-centric world: everything from Google’s changes this year to its SEO algorithm, which awards user-centric search experiences, to the shift to content marketing in which brands work overtime to give valuable information to potential clients.

Have You Developed Your Marketing Plan for 2016?

All of the giants of industry are putting their marketing plans and budget together now. It is essential to have a well thought-out marketing plan that is proactive, not reactive. A marketing plan without a firm foundation merely sways in the breeze, with decisions being made willy-nilly about each shiny and novel marketing opportunity that is pitched by a company – some with the best of intentions, and others with more questionable purposes.

5 Ways You Can Do Your Own Market Research

Marketing research is thought of as something difficult to do. However, if you use the right tools and right methods you can do it yourself. In this article we will discuss how you can do your own market research. In short this is a DIY guide to market research. Many startups are cash strapped and are unable to buy costly reports. Using the techniques mentioned in this article they can do it themselves.

FOMO – Killer of Effective Marketing Communication

No matter how awesome your stuff is, it does you no good if you can’t communicate to the relevant people about it. When you get down to the purpose of communication, it’s to GET YOUR POINT THROUGH. Which means, if you get too convoluted in your communication you’re going to lose your audience’s attention.

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