Everybody Starts With Zero Followers

Focus on Daycare Professionalism: Why It Matters

Because each daycare provider is unique, understanding what it takes to be a daycare professional can be difficult. However, here I will try to show you some of the ways you can show your daycare professionalism regardless of the type program, or size of daycare you have.

How to Overcome Fear in Your Business

I want to talk to you about the inner game of client attraction. The marketing piece of client attraction is considered the outer game. It is what you do, it is the actions that you take, figuring out who your ideal client is and getting out there in a big way and all that good stuff.

The Importance of Skilled Listening In Business Marketing Decisions

Years of research continue to reinforce that the single biggest contributing factor that separates the good companies from great companies is the ability to listen to their customers. Moving from good to great always starts with listening well. Listening skills empower businesses to efficiently and effectively make media buying decisions that works. There are reasons why customers line up for one brand and ignore another.

Local Store Marketing: Customer Appreciation Days

Customer Appreciation Days are excellent ways to attract consumers that have similar backgrounds or interests. Honoring your best customers with a distinctive recognition day is a terrific way to create a “call-to-action” for specific selected groups. Whether it is for school personnel or administrative assistants or simply a customer appreciation day that thanks all of your patrons, customer recognition days can spur sales for your store. Creating a memorable day for a specific targeted customer creates a “team” mentality-attracting groups of customers that may come to your store simply for the team camaraderie. Examples such as “Administrative Assistants” Day and “ABC Company” Day are powerful ways to target specific customer groups. Your target customer groups depend upon your specific store and the key customer groups that make up your three-mile trade area.

Something Extra With Your Tea

As consumers, the most appealing thing you can do for me is give me something for free. Hints the phrase “if it’s free is for me”. While I don’t encourage stealing, Suppliers can cater to a customers needs by giving them a little extra with their tea.

How To Save Money Buying Promotional Tote Bags

Personalized tote bags are a great way to promote your business. With your company name and logo printed on them, you can give them away during the summer months and even beyond. However, compared with other promotional items, totes are a bit more costly. This makes some business owners to look for cheaper items that they can buy and give away to clients and associates.

Marketing Plans: Do I Really Need One?

Writing a marketing plan can be a time consuming process for businesses. Learn the benefits a written marketing plan can have for your business, and why it may be worth the effort.

Coffee Mugs: Helping in Enhancing Your Business

Promotional products play a crucial role in taking your business to the customers. People from different parts of world can reach to your business with the help of these products. All you require is certain skills and innovation.

Product Manager Nightmare: The Pipeline Story

Have you ever started something with the best of intentions only to have it go terribly wrong? As product managers, this can happen to us if we don’t keep our eyes open to what’s going on in the world around us.

How Relevant Is Corporate Merchandise As A Marketing Tool?

Companies are now looking for cheap ways of promoting and marketing their brands. Corporate-branded merchandise has for long been used by large firms as a marketing tool. However, smaller entities are slowly embracing them after discovering their potential benefits.

The Benefits of Customer Surveys As A Marketing Strategy

Business owners, CEOs, and marketing executives are under increasing pressure to retain customers and grow revenue in an increasingly competitive economic environment. Standard marketing strategies and techniques are effective and one tactic that often gets overlooked is surveys geared to your customer base. Customer surveys not only provide a variety of insights about your product or service but also your sales staff, service department, general operations and even your “on the street” reputation.

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