For Anyone Who Still Thinks NFTs are a Scam…

Spring Cleaning and Building Ownership

It seems like winter was brutal to the building that we own. There are several roof leaks, and our pavement is cracking. And that’s just what we can see. Do you have any suggestions or checklists for winter recovery?

What Clients NEED in an Online Marketing Partnership

What makes a successful relationship between a client and a marketing provider? As a partner in an online marketing agency, we always strive to find the right formula to keep our customers engaged. After many years we have found that it’s not that complicated. Here are a few simple rules to keep your customer content and wanting more.

Why A Strategic Marketing Plan Is Essential For Your Business

A marketing plan is a record that describes an appropriately planned course of action to achieve your promotion goals. A marketing plan is a manual or rather your reference for all your promotion actions. It outlines your marketing budget, target audience, the proper press or media to be utilised, etc.

Top Three Features Why You Need a Mobile Business App for Your Spa or Salon

There is no doubt that mobile business apps are becoming more important to spas and salons with each day that goes by; and with good reason. Having your own mobile business app for your spa or salon will get your phones ringing on command and put you in control of never having an empty appointment time again!

How to Promote

The term “promote” literally means to enhance the progress of a business or to give publicity to it for increasing its awareness. It is essential and of utmost importance to promote a business so that the business can expand and flourish, which can lead to new windows of opportunity. There are many ways to promote a business and expand it but with differences in time, labor, and costs. Here are a few ways through which a marketer can work to promote a business:

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is a process in which businesses or individuals create and offer products and services that provide value to people. The word ‘marketing’, while being ever popular, has seen its popularity soar in the last few years. This is because businesses are increasingly adopting an approach which no longer focuses just on selling. Now, businesses want to create relationships with customers as these relationships, if properly managed, can become quite beneficial for businesses in the long run. Thus, to better help understand the term ‘marketing’, it is important to consider the 4P’s that form the marketing mix. These have been stated below:

Test the Viability of Your Ideal Clients When Choosing a Niche Market

Are you struggling with how to choose your niche market? Maybe you have a couple of niches and want a way to test them to discover which will be the most viable. If this concern is keeping you from launching your business or moving to the next level, here are a couple of ways to approach making your selection. A lot depends on how big your list is.

Marketing a Personal Business

Whether its online, a business card, a website, or a flyer your personal business will not be promoted if you don’t work to promote it. Promoting your personal business is easy as long as you use your resources. Word of mouth is another great advantage to marketing too; use all the people you know to help spread the word of your business.

PROMOTE! The Choice Is Yours

PROMOTE! The Choice Is Yours- advises businesses no matter if they are large or small that they need to market and continue to market their company so that they can be found and in turn sell their products and services. If they have the multiple hours it takes to promote their business-great, but if not, using a service like mine is a cost effective solution. The choice is yours…

Marketing Strategy – What Is It and Where Can I Get One?

This article gives an overview of the importance of creating a clear and concise marketing strategy plan for a business. The article explains what a marketing strategy plan is as well as providing companies with the information necessary to build one of their own.

The Internet Works Like a Trade Show! – Really?

Well here you are at your annual trade show and the doors are about to open on the first morning. It’s a big expense, but you really have to be here, all your customers are expecting you to have a presence.

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