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Looking to Get More Customer Referrals for Your Auto Service Shop? Here’s How

Auto repair and service shop owners are always looking to get more referrals. Typically, those customers referred to your shop will be better customers and they are a lot easier to sell. That’s because the customer referring them has already done your marketing. The new customer knows what to expect. But how do you get more customers referred to your auto repair shop? You need to create a ‘Referral Culture’. That will drive up your car counts for sure!

How Much Revenue Do You Currently Squeeze Out of the Traffic?

I discuss why the cost of traffic is increasing and what we as marketers can do about it. The days of affiliate marketing are coming to an end,… with typical commissions only at around 30% and the CPC rising daily – how long do you have left? Do not buy another “How to” guide until you read this first.

Advantages And Uses of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a highly evolved and result producing advertising method. Lots and lots of companies are making use of short message service to promote their products and services in an effective way.

Doing Nothing Is Not An Option

If you’re not marketing because you don’t know what to do or don’t have time, two things need to happen quickly if your business is to survive. One, you need to make consistent and effective marketing a priority, stat. And two, you may need to hire some help.

A Comprehensive Primer On The Financial Advisor Marketing Services

In this day and age, financial advisor marketing services are a must-have for a competitive investor. These services which deal with today’s hot finance, monetary, and investment industries combine both science and art to create added value for your client. The job description will imply that the adviser should be able to tackle a wide array of topics and have a lot of skills for a better picture of the entrusted investment portfolio.

How to Get More Customer Referrals for Your Auto Repair Business to Increase Car Count

Auto repair and service shop owners often struggle to increase car counts and get more referrals for their business. Although it’s really not difficult, getting referrals is something that you have to work on. Here’s the strategy that you can use right now to start getting more new (and good) customers, referrals and increase your car counts.

Every Door Direct Mail Vs Targeted Mailing

We love Every Door Direct Mail because it makes mailing easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for every situation. To help you decide between EDDM and other direct mail options, we’re introducing a series of articles highlighting situations when EDDM makes sense, as well as cases where you’re likely to get better results with a more targeted approach. Let’s get started!

The Greatest Sheep Rustle You’ve Never Heard About

The great rustle has been made on wool’s spot in the clothing marketplace, superior pricing for inferior synthetic fabrics combined with the wool industry’s marketing drive which consisted of hiding in the background grumbling has left wool out in the cold, luckily if any material can handle being in the cold its wool. Wool is a fantastic product with many great benefits and advantages over even modern synthetic fabrics but images of heavy itchy woolen suits or daggy knitted jerseys are hard to shake. To put this all in perspective of how far…

The Foremost Dentist Marketing Mistakes To Refrain From

Small business marketing ideas and strategies can help you achieve that great financially satisfying year you want. The difference between a highly profitable practice and the one that only pays the bills is good dentist marketing. To be highly profitable some common mistakes must be avoided at all cost.

Bring Out Bikinis and Keep Doctors Away Through Health Club Marketing

Getting people to visit the gym is not just about looking good in a bikini. A healthy lifestyle that involves eating the right kind of food and doing regular exercise can drastically decrease the chances of ending up in a hospital at sixty years of age by over 75 percent. As gym owners, the right health club marketing strategies can draw people to your business, increase your sales, and improve their quality of lives.

Generate Sales Leads To Help Doctors Maintain Their Authority

The rise of customer empowerment has reached all the way even to healthcare. But unlike most business industries, this may not be a good thing and B2B medical firms need to pursue their sales leads to find more doctors to support. The field of medicine is far too specialized for consumers to fully take control of their healthcare.

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