Future Career Advice for Young People

Banks and Mobile Banking: Fish or Cut Bait!

As we say in the south, either fish or cut bait. When it comes to mobile banking, banks had better get on board or start looking for a closed sign.

Is Your FK Score Silently Driving Prospects Away?

If you write your own web copy, post on a blog, write sales copy or send emails and you want prospects to read and take action, you must make it easy for them to understand. The simpler the better! Research shows that most people read at a seventh or eighth grade level. Intelligence isn’t the issue. It’s a matter of clarity. Getting your message across is much easier when it is simply and clearly written. If you confuse your reader (a huge problem for many marketers when they write copy) or challenge them intellectually, you’re likely to lose them. In today’s fast-paced world of “whaddya mean I have to wait another 30 seconds if I want fresh steeped tea”, you have to connect with your reader – immediately. This article reveals how to ensure your copy gets your message across.

Developing a Marketing Strategy? Conduct a Workshop

Don’t even begin to develop an advertising, social media or web site campaign unless you have a marketing strategy in place. Don’t know where to begin? Hold a workshop and follow these steps to creating a strategy. if you don’t feel comfortable leading this yourself, contact a professional.

The Marketing Force of Social Media

Most businesses live and die by marketing. If you have the ability to reach customers, your business can grow. If your business does not market, though, it will eventually die. If you want to reach more customers than ever before, you need to consider social media marketing. While you will need to take a good marketing course to fully take advantage of these services, the low cost of participation and the huge number of potential customers available should make getting in to social media a priority for every business owner.

Small Business Marketing Lessons From The Big Apple

In New York City, advertising is king and companies spend a lot of time and money making their businesses stand out from the crowd. Yet the most effective marketing strategies often focus more on unique creativity than big budgets. Learn some unique marketing practices that will take your business from small town to big city.

Product Managers Know To Never Go Hunting With Beach Balls

Product managers believe that once we come up with a development plan for their product, we need to make sure that our team sticks with it. It turns out that this just might be the worst advice that you could give to a product manager…

7 Email Marketing Hacks: A Cheat Sheet For Boosting Open Rates

You login to your Aweber account, check your open rate status and… Yep just like you thought Your open rates sucks…

Branding Success Stories: McDonald’s

In the world of marketing, branding, re-branding, and brand strategies are king. Without a defined brand strategy you shouldn’t expect to have any kind of successful marketing campaign. Some businesses have implemented expansive re-branding campaigns, some have failed and others have been more successful than marketers imagined they could ever be.

Teardrop Banners – Newer Marketing Tool

In the current communication era, teardrop banners are special marketing tools that can act as a portable and durable means of advertisement to business organizations. So, most of the companies these days are using this tool for promotion of their product or service. This marketing tool found its root from the banner form of advertising, which has been into existence for several years now.

What You Need To Generate B2B Sales Leads

When it comes to having a lead generation campaign, you will need a lot of marketing skills. And there is one particular skill that you must learn. The only problem here is that there are very few entrepreneurs like you who would readily want to do it.

A Two-Step Magic Formula for Excellent Follow Up With Prospects

Following up with people who express an interest in your services can make a tremendous difference in your bottom line. I call these prospects “low-hanging fruit”. That’s because they have already shown some interest in what you do which makes them more valuable to your business than others who haven’t.

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