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Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

As mobile devices become more prevalent, the marketing landscape is changing dramatically. Consumers no longer trust or look to older forms of marketing such as TV or print ads. The Changing Marketing Landscape – Through internet search and social media, consumers are in greater control over the information they receive every day.

Best Marketing Practice: Show, Don’t Tell

Remember back to high school English class? When your teacher reviewed your essays and said show don’t tell for whatever you were trying to describe. Well, she knew a thing or two that would help your marketing efforts today.

Calculating the Cost of Patient Acquisition and Retaining Patients

This article shows how to calculate the cost of patient acquisition and retention. The numbers will never be perfect, but will give doctors and managers a good idea of their costs. The article also talks about ways to retain patients.

Tips for Creating a Flyer for Your Carpet Cleaning Biz

There are many different ways to gain new customers as long as you are willing to put time and effort into getting the word out to your prospects. You will find that in your slow season you will have to put out extra efforts to achieve results.

How To Build Brand Buzz at Trade Shows With Giveaways

It’s a new year with another lineup of trade shows probably already on your calendar. This is the year to try something new to promote your brand. Find a way to stand out among the lines of exhibitors at trade shows by creating buzz with your trade show giveaways.

3 Wow-Factor Marketing Techniques You Can Use Today to Increase Brand Awareness

Need the perfect strategy to boost your marketing efforts right now? Try one of these techniques today to turn your bland marketing into the unique marketing ideas that your audience will latch onto and remember you for.

3 Ideas to Make Your Summer Marketing Sizzle

We all get stuck in a rut sometimes, but with the beginning of a new chapter, you can use the energy of longer, warmer days to shake up your enthusiasm for marketing your small business. Try these three tips to take your marketing to the next level.

Why the Need to Build Relationships Is a Myth

The assumption of the need to build relationships has been an integral part of the selling process. Yet the reasons for doing so are no longer valid, and indeed have become manipulative. Read why, and what to use in its place.

The Definitive Guide to Referrals for Professional Advisers

In this 3,500 White Paper, Paul outlines everything you need to do to achieve a proactive referral system that will bring in a consistent supply of new leads for your professional services business. Whether you’re an Independent Financial Adviser, a mortgage broker, a solicitor, accountant, wealth manager or consultant.

5 Lessons of Neuroscience to Improve The Performance of Content Marketing

Consumers expect brands that offer higher quality items, give them value and above all do not try to sell the bike. In addition, that is where content marketing comes in. In an item, brands can concentrate all that consumers want and do besides get their messages.

Customers Process Photos 60,000x Faster Than Text

According to recent science, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it takes the brain to decode text. So what does that mean for catalog design? Here are 3 ways to use dramatic, show-stopping images to create more compelling catalogs that create an emotional connection with the consumer.

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