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Newsletter Marketing: 3 Simple Strategies to Monetise Your Print Newsletter (Are You Using All 3?)

Many business owners see printing and mailing a customer newsletter as an expense. It shouldn’t be. This article reveals 3 easy ways to monetize your print newsletter, turning it from a ‘cost’ to a revenue center.

What Makes a Customer Retention Strategy – Is Your Newsletter Enough?

A good customer retention strategy can make many businesses much more profitable. This article provides advice about how to assess what you should invest in a customer retention strategy.

Newsletter Marketing: Do I Email It or Mail It?

If you want to market your business with a newsletter then you have to answer the question ‘do I mail my newsletter or do I email them?’ This article contains the advice I give to every prospective client and client a like.

Newsletter Marketing: The 2 Most Common Newsletter Mistakes Made Before You Print Your First Edition

Before you embark on creating a monthly customer newsletter you need to be sure that you aren’t making these two critical mistakes. Making either mistake could rob you of a strong return on your monthly customer newsletter. This article reveals how to avoid both common traps.

Customer Retention: Is It a Prevention Or Cure? (5 Critical Questions You Need to Be Able to Answer)

“I don’t need to worry about customer retention there are plenty of new customers out there” is a common belief of business owners. This article shows you what this attitude could be costing you.

Event Management Company Can Help You in Promoting Your Event

These days, promotion has become a popular marketing strategy used by both corporate houses and small businesses for the purpose of image building and increasing business revenues. Companies and business houses now arrange seminars, conferences, trade shows, product launch parties and such other events to promote their products and services. With such events taking place, they need a proper planning and management for the smooth execution of the event as per the company’s standard, which requires an appropriate event management company. People as well as companies and organizations these days, due to lack of time, hire professionals from event management companies to take the responsibility of organizing the event.

How Do You Ensure People Buy From You – Not Your Competitors? – Unique Selling Point

Put simply, a unique selling point or selling proposition is what makes you stand out from the crowd and convinces customers to repeatedly give you their business over your competitor. Everyone has one, and every big business milks theirs to the max. And so should you.

Is Your Suprocureefer Flowing Automatically?

This is your marketing process and cash machine. It’s a tracking process that actually helps your bank account grow. It helps you avoid scattered mass marketing and a sales team that isn’t on the same page. This funneling process should be structured and categorized no less than the same way your accountant or CFO tracks the expense account right down to the penny.

When Should I Answer The Phone?

Some of you may be questioning this simple strategy. Maybe you never thought when you answer your phone made a difference. Let me remind you that depending on one or two big strategies to get your patients to pay… stay… and refer… is a very bad business decision. You will be building your business foundation on sandy ground. It comes down to using several small strategies… and using them well. If you only have one or two… you have to be perfect. Perfection is rarely achieved… or rewarded for that matter.

How To Tell If You’re An Entrepreneur (Or Not)

If you thought (like I used to), – that being an entrepreneur was just another word for being a small business owner, then listen up.  To paraphrase Mark Twain, they’re about as similar as lightning and lightning bugs.

Social Media Can Be Intimidating: It Doesn’t Have to Be

Too many people are afraid of social media. If you don’t understand it, the uncertainty of it can leave you paralyzed. But, what if you had a source for ideas and content, and could do it all in the evening, not having it interrupt your day? Here are 2 tips that can help.

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