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Ways of Using Table Tents to Market Restaurants and Retail Stores

In a busy business environment such as a restaurant, bringing the right information to the attention of your customers is usually the key to boosting the profits that your restaurant gets from each order. Whether you are upselling deserts, beverages and other special dishes, or promoting your menu’s most popular dishes, table tents that hold displays on top of tables offer several marketing advantages for your restaurant. Table tents can also be useful in retail sales, especially when placed on top of store counters and tables where customers communicate with…

7 Ways Content Marketing Is Better Advertising for Businesses

A good content marketing strategy needs effort, strategy and thought. There are many benefits of content marketing. Let’s look at some of the ways content marketing is better than advertising.

7 Steps to Creating New Ideas

Having ideas is one of the most important parts of ad writing. So, how do you keep the ideas flowing? How do you make sure your big idea is THE idea for your project? Some wait for inspiration. For us commercial writers, we need ideas daily, not when the wind blows our way.

Marketing Your Startup Small Business

How should you market a new business? If you are trying to figure out the best way to market your small business, click here.

Lessons From The Front Lines: Product Management At Startups

So here’s my story: at this point in my career I’ve worked for 8 separate companies. Four of them were enormous multinational firms and four of them were startups. Three of the startups that I worked for went out of business and I’m now working at my fourth startup (keep your fingers crossed). If anyone out there is in a position to talk about what a product manager needs to be doing at a startup, I guess that it’s me.

How The Actions Of Others Can Influence Buying Decisions

Hello my friend and welcome to another exciting marketing lesson, this little gem I’m about to share is a bit more advanced than the other lessons we’ve discussed, but if you can master it, you’ll be miles ahead of the competition. This is a time-tested secret that has propelled some of the greatest advertising minds such as David Ogilvy, John Caples, Gene Schwartz to the top and understanding this principle I’m about to share is guaranteed to add more selling power to your arsenal.

Marketing Tactics That Work

Every company around the world needs to have marketing tactics to help them build their brand, increase their customer base and improve their annual turnover. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or a large company, you want to ensure that the marketing tactics you use each and every day are effective and will help you grow your business moving forward.

Efficient Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

With the introduction of the internet, small businesses are having to put effective marketing strategies in place to help them compete with large corporations on a global scale. Up until a few years ago, companies were all on an even playing field, marketing to local customers in their area.

Living Up to Expectations of Sales Team? How Can R=G, N=1 Empower Next-Generation Marketers?

The relationship between sales and marketing has always been complex and multifaceted. While efforts of both functions are indispensable towards organizational success, the onus is more on marketing when it comes to drive coordinated efforts. This article is aimed to bring out how marketing can play a leading role to streamline the joint efforts.

Become The Trusted Authority To Grow Your Business

A key strategy for long term growth of your business is positioning yourself as the Trusted Authority. This article will discuss the difference between an “Expert” and a “Trusted Authority” and how to shift your mindset around this key concept as well as apply it to your business for better growth.

Too Much Babbling – Not Enough Message

Just babbling about you, your business, product, or service with an avalanche of information is a sure way to scare away your target market. Learn from those doing it wrong and go the “bite-size” route.

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