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5 Key Questions to Ask Before Researching Your Customer Base

Customers are the lifeblood of any company, but traditionally many businesses focus a significant proportion of their marketing and sales efforts at recruiting new customers. Yet for all but start-ups, existing customers typically account for a large proportion of a company’s sales and are likely to impact most on revenues and profits should they decide to go elsewhere.

Lead Generation In The Internet Age

Finding the right tools means mixing and matching them until you can finally formulate the perfect equation. How does this tool attract prospects and help a company generate qualified sales leads? Simple, here are some techniques that can help you convert prospects into clients:

Best Strategies on Creating the Best Client Payment Plans

Offering payment plans to your clients is a smart way to make your premium packages more affordable.This is particularly true when your packages range from six to 12 months.

Check List: 11 Must Haves for a Lead-Converting Landing Page

Need help with lead conversion pages? Check out these 11 tips to transform your landing pages to improve lead generation.

Prepare for Successful PPC Campaigns Before You Pay for a Single Click

As a PPC management company, we are often called upon to “fix” PPC campaigns that are not performing at an acceptable level (or are not performing, period). What we often discover is that these campaigns cannot be “tweaked” into success, because they were not built on a solid foundation from the outset.

Referral Marketing: Using Consumable Gifts to Encourage More Referrals

To encourage more referrals, give a consumable thank-you gift. Consumable gifts give the referrer a reason to send more referrals. Long-lasting gifts can’t be given repeatedly, so they don’t give people an incentive to send more referrals.

“It’s Like Rubbing Honey Into Keira Knightley!” – How to Use Irresistible Metaphors to Sell More

How to use irresistible metaphors to sell more effectively. All features and benefits being equal, a good metaphor may steal the heart.

Product Managers Need To Make The Product Purchase Process Perfect

As product managers, we have a responsibility to our potential customers to make the product identification, selection, and purchasing process as easy as possible. However, all too often we seem to get caught up in trying to use the latest wiz-bang marketing tools that we’ve just read about and we can lose sight of just exactly how our customers go about the process of purchasing our product…

Key Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Traffic At Your Trade Show Stand

Leveraging social media marketing resources can help boost traffic to a business’ trade show stand. Read on to learn more about this topic.

What Makes Bannerstands Such A Cost Effective Marketing Tool?

Bannerstands remain one of the most widely-used and coveted trade show display options among businesses of every size in nearly every industry. So, what makes these simple marketing event staples so effective?

Get Better Results From Your Marketing Calendar When You Add Affordable Giveaways

Quarterly sales, press releases, and plans for display ads probably make up the bulk of your marketing calendar. While these are all important elements that do increase sales, do any of them really make your brand more memorable to your ideal customer? For long-lasting impressions, consider including a few pieces that will endure even after your promotion is over.

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