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Reaping Rewards for Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can work greatly for your business if you know how to do it correctly. If you want more visibility online and more traffic to your site or blog, guest blogging is a good place to start.

The Amazing Secret of Selling Money at a Discount

Selling anything is about showing people that what you have is worth more than the money they’re asking for it. In many cases, especially with business opportunities, you’re actually selling them money at a discount.

Digital Marketing With Native Ads in Child Care

You’ve probably heard the term “native advertising” but do you know what it means? Did you know you can use native ads to more efficiently market your child care center or preschool? Going native simply means placing ads in spots on a webpage where the viewer or user is naturally looking – or within the organic functionality of the advertising platform. This will help get your child care noticed and help you to increase inquiries to your center.

The 6-Step Million-Dollar Sales Letter Formula

If you want to make more money with your marketing, you need to hone your copywriting abilities. This formula will show you how.

Find Your Best-Fit Agency With These Five Tips

With a daunting number of marketing and communications agencies available, sometimes it is hard to know how to make a decision on one. Prepare yourself for finding the best agency for your business by learning a few key questions to ask and qualities to review.

The Don’ts of Designing Your Store

From putting an open sign on the door and your entire inventory on shelves, you need things that will attract customers to get inside your retail space. Here are some tips on what NOT to do when designing your store.

Every Audience Needs a Stage

Everyone keeps talking about target audience but nobody is talking about how you set up a stage for your performance. This article will reshape your thinking…

Factors to Consider When Choosing Girl’s Fashion and Style

Fashion has existed for many centuries now. In the past, clothes designers displayed their designs on paper to make it possible for people to choose and place their orders. As a result, depending on a person’s budget, they could choose a variety of designs and colors.

De-Branding A Retail Store

There is a day no operator looks forward to – a day when one of their stores closes for business. Whether it is your only store or you are the franchisor, and it is one of your franchisees stores, closing a store can have a direct impact on the overall brand. While it is never a pleasant situation, how you handle the closing can have an influence on the remaining stores and their brand. I am sure that many have driven by a closed store that still has the logo signs intact and other branding signage. It is an eyesore, speaks poorly regarding the operation and slowly erodes the brand value if left untouched. Whether a store is operational or not, a decaying storefront is detrimental. In order to maintain the integrity of the go-forward brand, one cannot simply lock the doors and walk away from the store. How a franchisor or a multi-unit operator manages a de-branding is sometimes as vital as how they manage a grand opening.

MLM Businesses and Replicating Websites

With tons of MLM companies proclaiming the success of this business model and pushing to sell everything from cosmetics to home utilities, using this business model, MLM businesses need some serious attention. What’s the real picture of MLM business? Is it a scam?

How to Avoid a Partnership That Doesn’t Feel Right

If you are looking to attract clients through joint venture partners, you will occasionally meet someone who is not a good fit for you. This is normal in business and in life – you are not meant to work with everyone. So, how do you handle this situation?

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