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What Does a Digital Media Agency Provide That Normal Marketing Does Not?

When it comes to marketing your business, it is important to not only take advantage of a marketing company, but a digital media agency. This is because a digital media agency is able to provide services that a traditional marketing company simply is not able to provide.

Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization?

This is world of tablets and Smartphones in which online consumers start their quest for a product, service or support call using a search engine. According to a survey by the BIA / Kelsey group more than 97% of online consumers do same.

Demand Segmentation and Concept of Demand Drivers – A Marketing Article

Segementing the demand for products/services by analyzing demand drivers Traditionally, marketers try to seduce customers to buy product of their choice with tools like ads, POPs, offers and freebies, discounts and credit limits, better service offers and product features, etc. But can we segment the total available demand? This article discusses how we can do that that.

What’s the ROI for Wellness? Does It Matter?

With the acceptance of company-sponsored wellness programs now far beyond the Tipping Point, the topic of return of investment (ROI) seems to be cropping up again and again. Many observers and practitioners have an innate belief that improved wellness leads to greater productivity, less absenteeism, and reduced health costs.

Living Element in Marketing – Need for an Additional P!

It would be interesting to start a discussion on the P’s of marketing. The P’s – Fundamentals of Marketing – You ask any management student – He will tell you much about the P’s…

The 1-2-3 Punch: Effective Follow-Up After Networking Events

Face-to-face business networking is a great, inexpensive way to start long-term relationships. Be sure you get business cards from the people that you meet at networking events. To establish business relationships you should follow-up with everyone you meet.

The Many Benefits of Promotional Products

It is quite clear that there are a wide variety of ways to advertise your products and services these days, and the advertising industry has been going strong for many years already. If you want to get the message out there about some amazing new product or service that you have to offer to the world, it can at times be difficult to know for certain what the best style of advertising would be. Or maybe you have a good idea of what would work but you do not really have enough money to pay for it at this point…

The Benefits Of Environmentally-Friendly Retail Bags

Plastic bags are made from petroleum and they are convenient ways to store different things but most of them get thrown off to the dumpsite after one use. In fact, an average Australian throws an average of 300 plastic bags a year. That’s about one plastic bag thrown daily.

Determining the Intensity of Your Organization’s Cross-Channel Marketing Tactics

There are too many businesses and organizations vying for the same customer. How do you determine the level of channels your company needs in order to successfully apply cross-channel strategies to your end-users? Quite often, cross-channel marketing creates a challenge for many businesses and marketers.

How Can a Digital Media Agency Help Market My Business?

The world of marketing has changed. Marketing methods that were sufficient in the past fall far short today. In the past advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio and television was sufficient to bring products into the awareness of potential customers.

Using Affiliate Marketing Programs – The Right Way

Affiliate marketing is not a game, it has made many business owners and millionaires over the years, so you need to take it seriously. If you plan to have success, you need to learn everything you can about various affiliate marketing programs and make them work for you. So, in order to help get you on the right track and give you the knowledge you need to be successful, I decided to share some affiliate marketing tips with you today.

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