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3 Tough Choices Global Change Agents Must Make to Get Your Message Out!

When I reflect on the people in my life who have truly inspired me, who stood out, who made an impact, and who bring a smile to my face and to my heart, there are only a few. When I ask myself, “Why do they inspire me?”, “What makes them stand out?”, “What makes them so remarkable?”, “What makes them so memorable?” (To be clear, I make a big distinction between getting attention, which often relies on gimmicks, tactics, and manipulation, and being truly inspirational and transformational. I’m choosing to only address the latter. ) I’ve identified 3 choices that change agents and visionary leaders must make to stand out and get noticed while being inspirational, transformational, and authentic. And while those choices are simple, they may not be easy.

5 Simple Ways To Build An EXTRAORDINARY Business

When I was a kid I was terrified of chickens. Don’t ask me why.

Business Marketing Companies: Powering Small Businesses

Small businesses have their task cut out for them. On one hand, they have to make their mark in the competitive business scenario, taking on the giants of their domain every day. And on the other hand, they have limited budgets and not exactly the most talented of work forces, because of exactly the same reason – they can’t afford to pay astronomical salaries. This is where business marketing companies come in as the saving grace.

Things To Be Aware Of Before You Submit Business Listings

To ensure steady growth of your business listing SERPs it’s very important to submit your business listing to the top authoritative business listing sites available. There is a big difference between a business directory and a local listing. Read on to learn how business listing submitter software can save you countless hours…

Mortgage Leads – Getting a Better Understanding

Mortgage business is one of the many businesses that demand constant attention of the business owner because of the monitoring it involves, but that is the later part of it. The first aspect remains the targeting of prospects who would be the source of revenue for the business, but this is not a cake walk; ask the companies who doing it on their own. Enter mortgage lead generation company.

Cold Calling Is Not a Selling Activity

Ask salespeople to list their least favorite selling activities, and you can count on “prospecting” being at the top of the list. And, the least favorite of all prospecting activities is unquestionably making cold calls.

We Are People!

How often have you walked into a store or have gone online to shop and did not get that special feeling one may get when visiting a friend, family or someone close? We are people and as people we need you to connect with more than just our money. Is it possible for businesses to achieve that kind of connection? Not only is it possible, it is crucial

Digital Frames Offer Signage On A Budget

There are certain types of digital signage that are available at dramatically lower cost. An innovative digital photo frame can help your bank achieve brand integrity, maintaining a consistent, unambiguous position in the market.

The Best Way to Create, Produce and Deliver Your Home Study Course

A common question that clients ask me is “How should I produce my home study kit? Should I print it and then do the fulfillment myself or use a fulfillment house?” I have to admit that I don’t always answer this question directly. Instead, I take a step back and look at the bigger picture to help make sure this is the next best step for your practice.

Keep an Eye on Sales Behavior

How your sales team functions as a team, individually and with customers is vital to the success of your business. By keeping track and setting bench marks you can be sure to increase the effectiveness of your team members.

The First Customer You Must Win!

Sometimes what hold many business people back from reaching their marketing objective is lack of absolute believe in what they are offering the market. They are not really convinced on a very deep level of their consciousness of the value they are adding to their customers. So how can we remedy this?

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