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The Value of a Highly Processed Lead Nurturing Program

A highly processed lead nurturing program has the ability to reduce initial follow-up costs and improve the volume of information collected about each lead opportunity. This in turn will result in more, better quality sales leads.

What Problem Do You Solve for People?

If you’re in business, there’s some problem you help people solve. But do they know it? Do they know you?

Killer Press Kits: How To Impress Journalists At Your Trade Show Display (And After You Go Home)

If you’re looking to impress journalists at your trade show display, make sure to create a killer press kit. Doing this will ensure that they remember you well after they’re back in the newsroom.

Has Marketing Changed Since 1990?

The simple fact is that the world has changed since the “glory days” of the 1990s. Doing business is more complex and demanding than ever before. Customers are more informed, have greater access to more information, and your marketing message is subject to more scrutiny. So, to help you navigate this ever-changing playing field, here are my top five tips.

Target Marketing 101

If you are a business owner wondering how to make your marketing dollars work harder, then target marketing is your answer. If your marketing campaigns are targeted to segments of the community who are a perfect fit for your product, then they are much more likely to purchase from your business. If target marketing sounds like a plan of attach for your marketing budget, then here are some practical tips on how to go about doing that.

Use Social Media Marketing To Attract New Clients

The goal of using social media marketing is to find people, business contacts, and potential customers. This goes for any business that you plan to implement online marketing techniques. There are numerous techniques and marketing campaigns online that can help you achieve this, but you must be wise and choose the right one.

The Marketing Mix in Plain English

The Marketing Mix is probably the most thrown around term in marketing, but like many commonly used phrases, there are plenty of people out there who have no idea what it actually means! A Very Brief History To understand the importance of this phrase in the marketing world, it is necessary to have a look at its history. In 1948 James Culliton used the term mixer of ingredients to describe the increasingly important role of the marketing manager.

Local Online Marketing Strategies to Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness involves the extent at which consumers are familiar with a brand and associating it with a particular product. Proper utilization of local online marketing resources can ensure your brand does not fade away and become obsolete in the Internet. Not all business owners use this. However, combining a few marketing resources can create a winning branding strategy.

Types of Online Marketing Strategies

Online marketing techniques are aimed at creating awareness about your website in hope that the more the people visit your website the higher the sales. High conversion rate is good for your business. Consistency in sales and profits can keep you in business for a very long time.

Websites: What Is Their Real Purpose?

Nearly three in five American businesses lack a website. If they don’t think they need one, it’s time to reconsider. This article explains that the real purpose of a website is the reason they need one.

Make Money Generating Leads

There are a lot of ways to measure one’s success, but when it comes to internet marketing leads, the only thing that counts is if you can make money. Of course you must be careful not to cross that fine line and price your products or services too high, because you can easily end up not making any money at all. But, it`s not always about the money as most people think it is.

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