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How to Generate All of the Leads You Need for Your Financial Services Practice

Each day, many independent financial planning practices wake up with the same dilemma – how do I keep my marketing pipeline full of qualified prospects for my practice? Scores of books and articles have been written on the subject and the old adage still applies. Within this article, we are going to explore traditional and non-traditional forms of marketing to determine the best way to grow a financial services practice with the people you enjoy working with the most.

Most Profitable Online Businesses – Follow This One Golden Rule

Most successful online businesses succeed, because they all follow this one crucial rule. Get this wrong, and everything else you do afterwards will be meaningless.

What Dog Breeders Should Know About Their Website Design

There are many things dog breeders should consider when choosing a designer/developer for their website. Learn how to get the most out of your website and what to expect from your website designer.

Going About Creating Google Business Listings

There are so many benefits local businesses are getting today from online business listings. Get listed on Google business listings and have the world know you by getting all information they need from one place.

Questions to Ask a Marketing Firm Before Signing Up

Some might say that singing up with a 21st century marketing firm is relatively safe, given the way in which general service standards have never been higher. However, this doesn’t mean for a moment that the differences between competing internet marketing experts are not literally night and day, which in turn leads to businesses of all shapes and sizes coming out with completely different results.

3 Things Local Marketers Can Learn From Barak Obama’s Re-Election

Last night the voters spoke and re-elected President Obama, and regardless of how you feel about the outcome there are some very important marketing lessons that any and all local businesses can learn from the Obama campaign. The Presidents team was up against a competitor that was extremely qualified and better funded. So how did they did win? They won with superior marketing!

Effective Pomotional Give-Aways

The market has become extremely competitive, so for any business to grow and flourish today one should always use strategically crafted promotion techniques for their products or services. If you are able to market your product properly and are able to create an impression that will encourage your consumers to always be loyal clients of your organization then consequentially the foundation of your business will become quite stable. The best promotion is when customers themselves market your product or services gladly on your behalf.

Eye-Tracking For Marketing Research

Eye-tracking offers marketing researchers the ability to see through the eyes of prospective customers as they engage with marketing material. It is more than just recording and replaying eye-gaze readings; it gives us insights into what prospective customer’s are thinking. It can tell us if our new marketing campaign will truly connect with viewers; it can identify potential problems with a campaign before it is launched.

Got Engagement?

Here’s the problem in a nutshell – Health and Well-Being Improvement Programs are: a) Free b) Good for you c) Relatively easy to access And, yet participant engagement rates remain far below expectations. Here’s a thought: Why don’t we “market” these programs with the same sort of strategic approach used for consumer brands?

The One Race That Your Business Never, Ever Wants to Win

Some races look like they’re fun to win. The Amazing Race. The Indy 500. The Tour de France. And some races look — and are – just plain awful to win, including the on in which businesses claw, grab, jab and smack each other silly in a no-holds-barred attempt to become the undisputed low price champion.

Donation Boxes And Corporate Badges – The Path To Recognition

You must have noticed donation boxes, jars or buckets near the cash counters or at the entrances of many shops or super markets in your community. Donation boxes are a great way to achieve not only monetary help and awareness for your cause, but also publicity for your organization. Donation boxes are available at a very reasonable price organizations that wish to utilize them can easily buy them at affordable rates.

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