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Effective Digital Referral Marketing Ideas

Anyone with a business can tell you, referrals can be the driving factor in keeping it afloat when the economy experiences declines. When many find themselves in an economic struggle, they also realize that this can hurt their favorite local businesses.

Dental Practice Marketing Tips

Marketing is the base of any successful business, and dental practice is no exception. While dentists perform specialized services, their practice faces the same issues that of small businesses. You may be the most successful dentist of all times, but patients will not just walk-in through the door.

What Is Strategic Marketing?

Strategic marketing is one of those marketing terms that seems to get used a lot in conversation and marketing madeiras. However, my guess is that the term itself is not as widely understood as it is quoted. The key question really is what is strategic marketing and how is it relevant to everyday businesses? To unlock some of the mysteries around this term, let’s start with a definition.

Six Big Reasons Why Free Teleclasses Attract New Clients

Are you building a business and in the process of attracting new clients? If you are, one very effective marketing tool to consider is the free teleclass. Why does this marketing method work so well to generate leads?

New Sales Leads Sometimes Need New Generation Methods

Getting new leads from a market you have not penetrated before will require you to try new forms of communication. And by ‘new’, it does not have to be something revolutionary. It could simply be something you have not tried before, like direct mail and telemarketing.

A Lead Generation Campaign Addressing Non-Existent Needs? Why Not?

Using crazy examples and impossible scenarios in your marketing sounds like a recipe for PR suicide. However, there is actually a difference between a crazy and pointless marketing stunt and what is simply a more fun way to market your business. Do not hesitate to use amusing examples so long as you can show that the needs your prospects do not believe in are actually pretty real.

Can You Really Generate Sales Leads From Telemarketing?

We have all heard just how bad telemarketing is to your business, but that is not always the case. You can generate qualified sales leads. You just need to know how to do it.

Tips – Yes, Tips Booklets Are Sexy and Here’s Why

So you think that how-to tips booklets are way down the food chain when it comes to publishing? They are if you’re thinking New York Times Bestseller List.

A Brief Introduction to Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing is important to the accomplishment of every business, regardless of size. This short article discusses the basics and the things you can learn when hiring professionals for marketing consulting services.

Everyone Gives Promotional Pens

Promotional gifts are intended to promote businesses and gain a reputation within the marketing world. There are various avenues that can be taken when customizing a promotional gift, since these can really be created out of any commonly used item. Amongst the most popular are mugs, notepads, t-shirts and pens.

Why You Should Hire Furniture Installation Specialists

Furniture installation specialists posses a level of skill and expertise that most people don’t have. That’s why it’s always better to solicit their help when you need equipment installed.

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